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To call this particular school a 'craphouse' would be an honest-to-God compliment.Professor Dr. Cox  ("Our First Day of School")

Winston University is a Medical School in San DiFrangeles, California. On its campus is New Sacred Heart Hospital and many other facilities to help educate medical students. Their mascot is the "owlcat".


Winston University - America's favorite safety school

Winston University is a private university, accredited by the National Board of Education. The school mascot is known as Owly the Owlcat and sporting team are known as the Owlcats. The New Sacred Heart Hospital is located on campus. A number of buildings and halls are named after pre-1929 US Presidents. According to Dr. Cox, Winston University is not very prestigious. ("Our First Day of School") According to rankings based on a survey of Winston students, Winston U is one of Americas top 600 colleges west of the Mississippi.


Reverend Randall Winston at Winston University Circa 1929

The history of Winston University begins in the late 1800s, when thousands of young men migrated west with nothing than an early sign of scurvy and a dream. If these lost wanderers wanted to survive, they needed a helping hand. And so, with outstretched arms, the Reverend Randall Winston founded the Winston School for Wayward Pioneer Boys. But in 1929, the stock market crashed. An ageing destitute Winston realized, that instead of paying boys to attend his lessons, he should start charging them tuition, thereby turning his beloved school into the accredited university you know today.W.U. commercial


Students at their white coat ceremony at Winston University

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Winston University has a diverse mix of students. Some students, such as Lucy Bennett, do not come from the richest of backgrounds and have earned their way into Winston U by dedication and hard work. Other students, such as Cole Aaronson, may not have worked so hard but still made enrollment based on financial donations from his family. Drew Suffin is repeating medical after leaving his first med school ten years prior. Some students come from all around the world, such as Maya who was born and raised in Australia.


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Many of the doctors at New Sacred Heart Hospital are also professors at Winston U.


Dr. Perry Cox
Medical Studies


Dr. Chris Turk
Surgical Studies


Dr. Robert Kelso
Medical Studies


Dr. John Dorian
Former Guest Professor

Other staff

Dr. Denise Mahoney
Student Advisor
Teaching Assistant

Captain Duncook.jpg

Cptn. Melvis Duncook

Lieutenant Underhill.jpg

Lt. Frank Underhill


Winston University Lecture Hall.jpg

Lecture Hall

The main lecture hall of Winston University seats many people and features stadium seating. A desk, podium and whiteboard is at the front of the room for the lecturer to use. There is also a separate desk at the front for the teaching assistance

Winston U classroom.jpg

Class rooms

The class rooms have seating for the students and whiteboards for the professors and educators to use to teach.

Winston U morgue.jpg

Anatomy Laboratory

In the anatomy lab, medical students learn about the inner-workings of the human body - first hand.

Winston U Phlebotomy.jpg

Phlebotomy Laboratory

In the phlebotomy lab, medical students can learn to draw blood.

Winston U dorm room.jpg

Dorm rooms

Students can be housed on campus. The location is ideal due to the long hours in class and in the hospital. Denise Mahoney also stays in a dorm room because the university pays for it as compensation for being student adviser. Dr. Kelso secretly has his Love Nest at the dorms.

9x1 Denise talks to students.jpg


Because Winston U is located in California, the weather is often beautiful. The Quad is the grassy area in front of the university. It has a lot of well kept vegetation and several benches that can be used to sit while stressed about the overbearing workload. There are also picnic tables.


  • Winston U is best known for its state-of-the-art above ground swimming pool.
  • The lush campus of Winston U was featured in such films as Gone With The Wind and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.
  • The University is named after Scrubs producer Randall Winston.
  • The letters in the university's logo read RAN DAL RLZ (Randall rulez), another shout out to Randall Winston.
  • There is a hall named Lawrence Hall probably named after Scrubs creator and producer Bill Lawrence.
  • In the commercial for Winston U the presenter is the real Randall Winston, while the Reverend Randall Winston is played by Scrubs executive producer Jonathan Groff.
  • The official website was, but now just redirects to
  • The model for the Winston University logo is the Florida State University logo.
Winston University logo.png
Faculty: Dr. Perry CoxDr. Robert KelsoDr. Christopher Turk
Students: Lucy BennettCole AaronsonDrew SuffinMayaTrangClint
Staff: Captain Melvis DuncookLieutenant Frank UnderhillDr. Denise Mahoney
Founder: Reverend Randall Winston