William David Daniels plays Dr. Douglas on Scrubs.


William David Daniels was born in 1927 in New York. As a child he was part of the Daniels Family song-and-dance troupe appeared on one of the first experimental TV broadcasts in 1941. Years later he attended and graduated from Northwestern University. From his background in performing, William took to the stage. He performed in many shows and began to do acting for TV in 1952, where he played John Quincy Adams for Hallmark Hall of Fame. He has appeared as John Adams and other members of the Adams family in many other works, on the screen and on the stage. Since his first TV role, William has appeared in numerous TV series, but is best known for his roles in Boy Meets World, St. Elsewhere (with Ed Begley Jr.), and for being the voice of K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider.

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