Dr. Walter Mickhead is an attending surgical and medical doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Mickhead has been at Sacred Heart for at least 11 years. ("Season Two") He is constantly mentioned as having various strange habits and quirks, including huffing paint, and was almost convicted for murdering his wife.

He was revealed to be a Republican along with the nurse Ronny Epilito, Elliot Reid, and Keith Dudemeister. ("His Story IV")


Mickhead has slept with Jordan Sullivan, Dr. Perry Cox's ex-wife ("My Quarantine"), and Julie Keaton, a representative for a pharmaceutical company. He has also slept with Dr. Taylor Maddox, although he needed to strangle her to keep an erection. ("My Saving Grace")


  • Black Haired Doctor
  • According to Turk, some medical staff call Dr. Mickhead nicknames which involves rhyming, most likely 'Dr. Dickhead'.


  • Mickhead in "My Road To Nowhere"

    Dr. Mickhead once delivered a baby just outside the hospital, by the stairs.
  • Dr. Mickhead possibly did kill his wife, as he offers J.D. and Julie Quinn a hammer, which was hinted to be the murder weapon.
  • Mickhead appears during J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart, saying "I didn't kill her," a reference to the theory that he killed his wife. ("My Finale")
  • Dr. Mickhead smokes. ("My Own American Girl")
  • Dr. Mickhead is a Republican ("His Story IV")
  • Dr. Mickhead used to be addicted to sniffing paint, and Dr. Kevin Casey helped him kick the habit. ("My Porcelain God")
  • He is once referred as Dr. Carlson by Dr. Kelso. ("My Case Study")


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