Veronica "Ronnie" Epilito works at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Veronica was on the invite list for Elliot's bachelorette party, but Elliot wasn't sure if she wanted her to be invited. Elliot wanted to be the only girl there with a boy's name. Elliot suspects that, after working at Sacred Heart for a month, Veronica changed her name to Ronnie so she would have a boy's name like Elliot. Ronnie claims she didn't want to have the same name as her mother. Elliot would actually like Ronnie to be at the party since she has the best crazy-mother stories, but she is ultimately not invited to Elliot's party. ("My Rabbit")

Personality Profile


  • Being named after her mother


  • Ronnie


Veronica's mother set fire to a preschool and has multiple felonies including attempted assassination of a federal judge.

  • Ronnie has no lines; all the information about her is conveyed via conversation between Elliot and Carla.
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