This Justice of the Peace, Van, wed Janitor and Lady in the Bahamas.


When Todd was in medical school in the Bahamas, Van used to help him conduct rectal exams. Years later, after Janitor asked him to find a Justice of the Peace to preside over his wedding, Todd introduced Van to Janitor. At the wedding, Van wasn't romantic when he talked about true love and the institution of marriage. He gave them ideas of how to not get annoyed at each other, presumably things he and his ex-wife had problems with. In the end, Janitor asked him to leave and finished the ceremony himself when Van began rubbing Lady's arm. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")


  • Van is portrayed by series creator Bill Lawrence.
  • The name Van probably is a nod to Bill Lawrence's real middle name Van Duzer (his full name is William Van Duzer Lawrence IV)
  • The bandage on Van's finger when he touches Lady's arm is real; Bill Lawrence had actually hurt his finger, and it was decided that the bandage was fitting for the character.
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