If anyone has any questions about anything, I would be glad to help, just leave me a message on my talk page! I am a Scrubs-wiki administrator! Thanks!

Okay, so... I have been busy and so inactive on this site. However, I am now back in business! I am going to be editing and helping as much as humanly possible! Wish me luck.

Currently I am working on the episodes in season three and Season One. I hope to finish those all episodes soon and once I do I will work on other seasons. My goal is to have a page for every episode!! I also hope that Other people will be willing to help me with it, because it is a huge task for one person!!
I am also adding stuff to existing articles

Like my award? (It is in my box!) I do! Thanks you everyone!! And I would like to continue to edit and help out Scrubs wiki! And maybe, just maybe win other awards! Oh, my award was from June 2007 in that one month I got 112 edits, with 90 in Scrubswiki main! Thanks!

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