About me

I am Andrew, a teenage New Zealander currently living in Western Australia. I have High-functioning autism/Asperger syndrome. I am studying a double BSc degree in Chemistry and Extractive metallurgy.

I'm a recent newcomer to the show, the first episode I watched was (in syndication) the episode My Hypocritical Oath in 2009. Since then, I have gotten hooked on the show.

I have had recent experience in Wikia as an admin of the The Charmed Wiki, but left due to university commitments. I may return there in the near future. For now I am currently working on improving Season 5 and 6 episode pages here by adding screenshots and other assorted information.

If you want to find out a little more on me, just search Andyman14 on Facebook

My favorites

My Favorite Character is ?

Carla Espinosa

My Favorite Episode is ?

My Way Home

My Favorite Season is ?

Season 5

My Favorite Quote is  ?

Dr. Cox - Here’s the lowdown. In three hours, my shift ends, at which point I will be leaving and meeting with my ex-wife for a celebratory best doctor in the city” date which is guaranteed to end in crazy hotel sex. I’m thinking six-inch heels, a leather mask, fishnet stockings. Who knows? She may even get dressed up ("My Own Personal Hell").

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