Tyler Milligan is the son of Mr. Milligan.


Tyler is the son of Mr. Milligan, who came to Sacred Heart Hospital with a ruptured spleen, caused by Tyler power-kicking him when they were play-wrestling. While J.D. and Dr. Cox struggled to diagnose his father, Tyler was looked after by Elliot Reid, despited her fear of children's small hands. After this phobia gets to her she gives him money to go off and get chocolate milk, but he doesn't return. Eventually, Tyler is found in Dr. Kelso's office talking about exercise and his dad, and Dr. Kelso takes an instant liking to him, and decides to pull strings so that Mr. Milligan can remain in the hospital even though he has no insurance. When his father is taken into surgery, Tyler wants to watch, but Turk doesn't want him to - however, after asking nicely, Turk gives in and lets Tyler stay who is very happy. The surgery is successful and Tyler arrives back from the surgery with his dad and the good news, with a smile on his face and a cheerful stride. J.D. keeps his promise meaning that Mr. Milligan, and Tyler, can return home before Christmas. ("My Best Moment")


Mr. Milligan

Tyler has a good, playful relationship with his father Mr. Milligan. They like to play around together, as shown by the fact that their play-wrestling caused Mr. Milligan's ruptured spleen.

Dr. Kelso

Dr. Kelso, strangely for him, takes an instant liking for Tyler and Tyler keeps Dr. Kelso interested by talking to him while he is on his treadmill. Dr. Kelso decides to do Tyler a favor by pulling some strings with Tyler's father, Mr. Milligan, so that they keep him at the hospital despite having no insurance.

Personality Profile


  • Wrestling with his father
  • Many of the doctors at the hospital
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Baseball
  • Chocolate milk
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