Your face is red, like a straw-brary.Troy

Don't have kids.Janitor

Troy is an accomplice to many of Janitor's pranks and tormenting of J.D., and a cafeteria worker at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Troy is a cafeteria worker and is not the brightest tool in the shed. He often taunt's J.D. with odd insults, to the annoyance of the Janitor. He tends to think violence should be the solution to difficulties. However, he can sing well, and sings the lead part in the A Capella rendition of "Barbara Anne" with Hibbleton when competing against The Worthless Peons for Elliot's favor. He occasionally mispronounces words; once, after being told that "liberry" is actually pronounced "library", he apparently thought this was true of other words ending in "-berry", as he pronounced "strawberry" as "straw-brary" shortly afterwards.

Troy was an original member of Janitor's Brain Trust, and was his right hand man and fellow antagonist of J.D.. He once bathed in egg salad with the Janitor. ("My Big Mouth") Tries, with the Janitor, to solve a riddle posed by J.D. ("My Lucky Night")  ("My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu") He also surfs on J.D.'s overturned car after J.D. gets the popular Dr. Townshend fired. ("My Brother, My Keeper") He tries to help Janitor create a video to "prove" Janitor has a twin brother. ("My Moment of Un-Truth")




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