Trong Tri Kelso is Bob Kelso's illegitimate son and Harrison Kelso's paternal half-brother.


Trong Tri Kelso is the son of Robert Kelso and a Vietnamese woman. He is in college and doesn't want to go to a state school. Bob was once "friends" with his mother and is currently paying for his tuition. ("My Best Laid Plans")


  • Trong Tri Kelso has only been mentioned once.
  • He has never been cast or appeared in an episode.
  • It's unclear if Trong Tri Kelso is currently living in Vietnam with his mother or if his mother is one of Dr. Kelso's many American-based mistresses. However, it is known that he speaks Vietnamese.
  • It's also unknown if he has ever met or knows about his half-brother Harrison who has been mentioned several times throughout the series.


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