Trang is a medical student at Winston University.


Trang is a med student currently studying at Winston University. He let Lucy Bennett take a blood sample from him which went horribly wrong. ("Our Mysteries") His family came to the US on a boat made of tires and his father owns eight HomeTown Buffets. He is part of the same study group as Cole Aaronson, Drew Suffin, Lucy and Maya. ("Our Couples") He slept with Maya but never called her back; despite this, they seem to have remained intimate, with Maya's suggestive body language towards him, and Trang refering to her as "babe." During "hell week", Trang tried to take the leadership position that Lucy wasn't using. Lucy tried to fight back, but he ignored her. She eventually got in a brawl with him. ("Our Dear Leaders")


Lucy takes a blood sample from Trang. ("Our Mysteries")


  • Is highly resistant to pain, and demonstrates this by putting a dog clip on his ear for 30 seconds. ("Our True Lies")
  • Absorbed his twin sister while in the womb. ("Our True Lies")

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