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Dr. Todd "The Todd" Quinlan, MD is a surgeon who works at New Sacred Heart. Despite his immature, perverse, and jock-like disposition, he is known to be a talented and knowledgeable surgeon. He started at the original Sacred Heart the same time as Turk, with whom he became good friends. He is also a member of the Brain Trust.

Todd is known for his non-creative sexual innuendos and high-fives.

The Todd is portrayed by Robert Maschio and appears in 126 episodes of Scrubs over all nine seasons, more than any other supporting character. He is first seen in the pilot "My First Day" and is last seen in the series finale "Our Thanks". It is assumed he is still a surgeon at New Sacred Heart.



Todd rips out his heart to help a patient. ("My New Game")

As a Surgeon[]

Todd started as a surgeon in the same intern class as Turk, J.D. and Elliot. He instantly fit in with and embodied the "jock-like" disposition of the other surgeons, and became a good friend of Turk's. He completed his residency at Sacred Heart where he also became an attending surgeon. Although he seems simple minded, he is actually a skilled surgeon due to his ability to zone out any distractions. ("My Hero") The Todd is currently still working as a surgeon, but at New Sacred Heart Hospital since the old one got demolished. He still hangs out with Turk a lot and behaves the same as before, not maturing in any way. Todd and Turk are as close as they've ever been. But now that J.D.'s gone, the two are no closer. And Todd hasn't changed one iota since. ("Our First Day of School")

3x15 Todd loves vagina

Todd in sexual harassment class. ("My Tormented Mentor")


The Todd's greatest joy in life is sex. He makes sex jokes and innuendos about sex or the ladies practically every time he speaks. He hits on all the ladies, over which Laverne and Carla get quite worked up. The Todd thinks that his womanizing problems come from his poor relationship with his parents. However, sometimes The Todd checks out the men around Sacred Heart. during one of J.D.'s fantasies, he admits to having a threesome, and "not the cool kind" indicating it was with two men and a woman. Once he admitted to being gay so that he can take advantage of Elliot and Carla, but later in that same episode it is implied that he is bisexual. The Todd appreciates "hot", regardless of gender, which is admittance to pansexuality. He once suggested an attraction to a non-human object. ("This broccoli is so hot!") It's possible that he is just so sex-obsessed that he has no preference whatsoever, and in a category of his own. When asked point-blank about his sexuality by the Janitor ("What are you?"), he simply replied "I'm The Todd."



High Fives from The Todd

The Todd enjoys giving and receiving high-fives putting them in second place behind sex. He will give any type of high-five to anyone for any reason. He is very adamant about being the only person who gives out high-fives. ("My Full Moon") He got his love for high-fives while attending med school at the Bahamas from his old professor. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1") Some of his high-fives can hurt the weaker, or those not expecting them, for he visits the gym very often to train his arms. They can also bring a dead patient back to life. His right arm has a tattoo of "DOC" on it, which he shows off with his sleeveless scrubs. The Todd also has a large "banana hammock" collection, and is never without one. He has a rule that anyone who stays at his place must "hammock up". ("My Roommates")


Our Meeting with Turk and the Todd

Turk and Todd ("Our Meeting with Turk and the Todd")

Surgical Team[]

The person Todd gets along with best is Turk. They started as interns on the same day, and experienced many highs and lows during their time at Sacred Heart. When Turk's daughter was born, The Todd was among those waiting to congratulate him. They are both surgeons, and enjoy being athletic. Also on the surgery team is Dr. Wen, who recognizes Todd's skills as a surgeon because he has the ability to set his mind on one task.


The Todd has the same relationship with all the women of Sacred Heart: he wants them, and they find his jokes and innuendos annoying and appalling.

7x10 Brain trust

Todd in a Brain Trust meeting. ("My Waste of Time")

Other Hospital Staff[]

J.D. and The Todd never do too much together, except giving high-fives, although J.D. used to dislike Todd because he always hung out with Turk, which made him jealous. Todd is under the impression J.D. is Turk's second-best friend aside from him.

Todd and Dr. Kelso don't seem to understand each other, and Dr. Cox dislikes Todd as much as he dislikes all surgeons. Janitor thinks Todd is an airhead, but allows him to be part of his Brain Trust. Along with Ted and Doug, the Brain Trust sometimes would team up to do various things around the hospital, such as duct taping J.D. to the ceiling.

Todd is shown to be in serious polygamist relationship with the Hendersons in the last season. The Hendersons, assumed married, and Todd are shown to be openly sexually attracted to each other. This confirms that Todd's either bisexual or pansexual.

Personality Profile[]


3x10 Todd's balls

Todd being... Todd. ("My Rule of Thumb")

  • Women
  • Men
  • High-Fives
  • Banana Hammocks
  • Breasts
  • Dr. Cox's name
  • Women
  • Harry Potter (Todd camped out in a full-on wizard outfit to see the last Harry Potter movie.("My Kingdom")
  • Sixth sense of feeling that Elliot and Carla kissed
  • Sixth sense of people having sex
  • Cat fights
  • Thongs
  • Sexual innuendos
  • Women


3x15 unibrow

Todd with a unibrow ("My Tormented Mentor")

  • Being refused a high-five
  • Flat boobies (makes him angry)
  • Breast reductions
  • Having J.D. grab his love handles while looking at himself in the mirror
  • Sixth sense of Turk telling Carla that she can't kiss Elliot ever again
  • Having to wait for J.D. to snap out of his fantasy world when speaking to him.
  • Other people initiating high fives ("My Full Moon")
  • Vaginal Halitosis
  • Making cat-fight noises when there aren't two women fighting


3x7 cat fight

Todd hoping for a cat fight. ("My Fifteen Seconds")

Sexual Orientation[]


Todd in his usual dress: a banana hammock. ("My Roommates")

5x20-Gay Todd

Todd tries to get Turk to have sex with him.("My Lunch")

  • The Todd appears to be bisexual or possibly pansexual willing to sleep with any gender without discrimination.
    • Todd once pretended to be gay to attract girls, and later in the same episode remarked that "there's nothing wrong with that, or that, or that, or that", remarking first about a hot woman, then a guy with a bulging crotch, then a larger woman, and finally an old man, this prompting the Janitor to ask "what are you?", to which the Todd replied "I'm the Todd".
    • He expressed anger at J.D. and Turk for having Billy Callahan arrested, later saying he appreciates hot, regardless of gender.
    • He keeps a picture of a swim team in his apartment, although the Todd himself does not swim.
    • Male guests staying at "Casa de Todd" are required to wear a banana hammock. ("My Roommates")

      Todd mimicking Elliot. ("My Female Trouble")

    • Dr. Cox's fairy tale story to Jack, "The Fairy Todd-Something" uses his magical powers to undress a potion vendor. ("My Princess")
    • At one point, he is having a "couples thing" with "the Hendersons", appearing to be in a sexual relationship with both of them, making him possibly polyamorous as well. ("My Chief Concern")
    • Before admitting his willingness to sleep with both genders, according to a fantasy Elliot had in "Her Story", The Todd once did a threesome and as he stated "not the cool kind" (possibly meaning two men and a woman or could also mean three men).


2x12 Todd wrestles Mrs

Todd takes his job seriously. ("My New Old Friend")

3x22 Marco gives Todd advice

Todd putting his foot in his mouth... in Spanish. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")

8x5 JD Todd

Todd with J.D. ("My ABC's")

  • Todd at one time had his own website, at
  • ABC thought that wearing a banana hammock on television was inappropriate, so this is why after the show switched networks, you see less of Todd wearing one.
  • In one episode Todd revealed that he once did amateur porn, although he thought it was couples therapy.
  • Molly Clock once helps Todd realize that one of the reasons for his problems with women comes from his odd relationship with his mother (they made out once). This apparently fixed his perverse behavior, but unfortunately it was only temporary (she claims that it would only last a week without regular therapy), and he quickly resorted back to normal. ("My Office")
  • Todd can get confused and leave when everyone in a room stops moving and talking.
  • Todd can be distracted by mimed objects thrown in a specific direction.
  • Todd is so devoted to his sex jokes, that he will wait in hiding for an extended period of time until given the proper set up.
  • Todd is capable of hearing any phrases that can be taken out of context to sound lesbian homo-erotic from a distance.
  • Todd is capable of hearing a catfight from a distance.
  • Todd is a sleep humper; sometimes when he's banging the top mattress, he's thinking about banging the bottom one. ("My Advice to You")
  • Todd owns leather pants in three different colors. ("My Lunch")
  • Jordan Sullivan once gave Todd a set up for a sex joke as a present.
  • Todd can be easily tricked by yelling through a glass window to be heard as clear as day, then when the same person seconds later mimes the exact same thing to him he will think that the glass is too thick to hear them through.
  • Much like J.D.'s inability to see women with a wedding ring on, Todd is seemingly a normal person in the vicinity of women with an engagement or wedding ring on and will not (or possibly cannot) direct sex jokes towards them.
  • Todd studied medicine in the Bahamas and his favorite professor gives the best high-fives.
  • Todd is able to sense two people having sex in the vicinity (and can also sense what they are wearing).
  • Todd often cannot recognize his own last name (Quinlan). In several episodes, including the webisode "Our Meeting with Turk and the Todd", people mention "Dr. Quinlan," and Turk has to remind him that they're talking to him.
  • Todd is unable to spell his name, being corrected by Turk saying "And Todd has two D's" when writing a thank-you card for Dr. Casey.
  • Todd is a self published author with his book "Just The Tips".
  • Todd received a Four story atomic wedgie from the Janitor in "My Missed Perception" after trying to get in a bath with him. This registered a 10 on Sacred Heart's pain chart.
  • In "Scrubs: The Complete Collection", he hosts a trivia game in which his compliments are sex jokes. At the end, if you answer the last question correctly, he gives you a "Trivia Five".


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