8x18 Cox's book of rants

Dr. Cox reads through all his rants from 8 years.

This is the start to a page that will lay out all important bits of the show in a timeline. Not a real timeline, but one that exists inside the show. (Example: The episode dates are not 'AIR DATES', they are the dates of the events in the episodes) Things I plan to include are births and deaths, marriages and divorces, changes in job status or living arrangements, as well as J.D.'s and Elliot's hook-ups and break-ups and some 'firsts'. There are occasional miscellaneous events that may warrant entry into the timeline. What this is not is a place to put minutia that would be better placed on the page for the show that it occurred in.

The first day of work at Sacred Heart for J.D. will serve as the zero point. Everything will be based off of that. Dates before J.D. started work will be BJD (Before J.D.) and dates after J.D. started work will be AJD (After J.D.).

Timeline by Character

Dr. Kelso
Dr. Cox
2001 Chief of Medicine Sr. Attending Physician Intern Intern Intern Nurse Janitor
2002 Resident Resident Resident
Residency Director
(Co-)Chief Resident Chief Resident
2005 Attending Physician
Staff Internist
Attending Physician
Entered private practice
Attending Surgeon
2006 Head Nurse


Chief of Medicine

Left Sacred Heart

Chief of Surgery

Left Sacred Heart

Left Sacred Heart
2010 Professor
Left Winston University

Student Advisor
Teaching Assistant

After J.D. Started Work at Sacred Heart (AJD)

7-8 AJD (Season 8)

  • Dr. Maddox becomes Chief of Medicine - 1st episode
  • Dr. Maddox gets fired - 3rd episode
  • Dr. Cox becomes Chief of Medicine - 7th episode
  • Carla is two weeks pregnant - 9th episode

6-7 AJD (Season 7)

  • Elliot calls off her wedding with Keith - 1st episode
  • Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian is born - 2nd episode
  • Dr. Kelso retires from Chief of Medicine - 9th episode

5-6 AJD (Season 6)

  • Birth of Isabella - 2nd episode
  • Laverne Roberts dies - 15th episode
  • Jennifer Dylan Cox is born - 15th episode
  • Keith asks Elliot to marry him - 18th episode

4-5 AJD (Season 5)

  • JD becomes an attending - 1st episode
  • Jordan becomes pregnant with Jennifer Dylan - 24th episode

3-4 AJD (Season 4)

  • the 1st episode is 2 weeks after the last episode in season 3
  • JD gets Sasha - 1st episode
  • JD and Elliot become Co-Chief Residents - 2nd episode
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan get an official divorce - 3rd episode
  • JD's dad, Sam, dies - 6th episode
  • My Best Moment is mid-December (before Christmas) - 12th episode
  • JD lives on his own - final episode

2-3 AJD (Season 3)

Turk and Carla get married My Best Friend's Wedding

Jordan's brother, Ben, dies My Screw Up

JD, Turk, and Elliot get their own interns My White Whale

1-2 AJD (Season 2)

Carla's mother dies My Drama Queen

October 30-31 Episode My Big Brother

Jordan is (6 months?) pregnant with Jack My Fruit Cups

c. December 25 JD and Elliot hook up. My Monster

March 21 Jack Cox is born. My Karma (ref. My New God)

0-1 AJD (Season 1)

c. September 23 - My Last Day

JD and Turk's first Eagle - My Hero

JD and Elliot break up for the first time - My Bed Banter & Beyond

JD and Elliot hook up for the first time - My Drug Buddy

December 24-25 - My Own Personal Jesus

November 21-22 - My Day Off

c. November 1 - My Old Lady

October 13-14 - My Best Friend's Mistake

October 12 Turk and Carla's first date at 7pm. - My Mentor

October 10 Dr. Cox calls J.D. a girl's name for the first time (Susan). - My Mentor

October 24-26 - My First Day

c. September 24 J.D., Turk, and Elliot begin work as interns at Sacred Heart Hospital - My First Day

BJD - Before J.D. began work at Sacred Heart

0 September 24 J.D., Turk, and Elliot begin work as interns at Sacred Heart Hospital My First Day

-3 Dr. Wen becomes an attending at Sacred Heart My Best Friend's Mistake

-5 Enid begins her annual trips to fat camp My Case Study

-6 Ted moves in with his mother

-8 Carla Espinosa begins work 8 years before Turk My Musical and My Own American Girl  !!Discrepency!!

-9 Carla Espinosa begins work at Sacred Heart My Long Goodbye  !!Discrepency!!

-10 Carla Espinosa becomes a nurse My Nickname  !!Discrepency!!

-11 Carla begins work as a nurse My First Step  !!Discrepency!!

-12 Ted begins work at Sacred Heart My Blind Date

-15 Dr. Bob Kelso and Laverne Roberts hook up My Long Goodbye

-16 c. Dr. Cox begins work at Sacred Heart over 20 years ago (before 16 BJD) My Half-Acre

-23 Dr. Bob Kelso begins work at Sacred Heart My Nickname

-26 John Dorian is born My Day at the Races

-34 c. Bob Kelso enters the medical field My Best Friend's Mistake

-37 Janitor is born My Mentor

-39 Bob Kelso marries Enid My Case Study

-42 Laverne Roberts is born My Urologist

-54 Bob Kelso is born My Kingdom !!Discrepency!!

-59 Bob Kelso is born My Growing Pains !!Discrepency!!

The To-Do List

things that need to be placed on timeline

  • JD and Turk become roommates
  • JD and Elliot become roommates
  • Laverne begins work at Sacred Heart
  • Rowdy is bought by JD and Turk
  • Births of
    • Dr. Cox
    • Jordan (5 years after Dr. Cox?)
    • Laverne
    • Turk
    • Elliot
    • Carla
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