J.D. in Carla's black lace thong. ("My Nightingale")

Molly showing a black thong. ("My Last Chance")

Thongs are mentioned (or shown) on Scrubs so often, they practically qualify to be considered a recurring character. This page is to place all the mentions (or showings) of thongs.

Thongs Mentioned

  • Elliot and Carla talk about the fact that Carla wears thongs to work. ("My First Day")
  • Todd says that when Elliot bent over he saw her thong. ("My Last Day")
  • Dr. Cox kids J.D. that he couldn't find the right thong for his low-rise jeans. ("My New Coat")
  • Elliot tells Paul that she's growing her bangs out and wearing a thong. ("My Kingdom")
  • Elliot tells J.D. she cannot wear her going-out thong if she has sand in her patootie. ("My Rabbit")
  • Elliot tells Denise she won't do the splits because the floor is filthy and she is wearing a thong. ("Their Story II")
  • When Elliot is listing all the things she has to do for her patients to Dr. Cox, she mentions having to perform a thong extraction on Ms. Reid. Doug then comments on how she has the same name as the patient and Elliot tells him she was talking about herself because she had underwear in her butt.

Thongs Shown

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