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It's been so long since I was an intern. I wonder what they're thinking...J.D.

"Their Story II" is the twelfth episode of Scrubs' eighth season. Three interns narrate their day. Denise makes a decision that puts Elliot in a tight spot. Derek finds it hard to deal with the big personalities of Sacred Heart. Sunny tries too hard to make friends.


After delivering a lecture, J.D. reminisces on how long it has been since he was an intern, and passes the narration along to the new interns at Sacred Heart: Sunny, Denise, and Derek.

Turk and Derek.


Turk introduces Derek, a new surgical intern, to the other surgical interns at Sacred Heart. He cuts the intro short because he sees J.D., who has recently been gaining attention for becoming the person who can complain to Dr. Cox enough to get things accomplished. Later, Derek watches Turk and Todd in surgery, and Turk thinks deeper about J.D.'s new responsibility around Sacred Heart, and starts to get a little jealous. At the front desk, Carla rushes in to thank J.D. for getting Cox to hire new nurses, Turk gets even more jealous of him and tells J.D. off. The next day in the cafeteria, Derek confronts J.D. for being too pretentious and egotistical, Carla for not supporting her husband, Dr. Cox for being a prick, and Turk for letting him down as a black role model.

Denise complains to Katie and Sunny.


Denise and Elliot have a new patient, Paige. Denise compliments Elliot who has been supportive of her, and Elliot is extremely appreciative of it. Denise suggests a temporal artery biopsy, an invasive test for Paige, which Elliot quickly tosses aside. J.D. notices that Denise is grumpy and gets her to confide in him. He tells her that she needs to fight to have her voice heard. Denise then attempts to compliment Elliot again and gets her to perform the test on Paige. The results of the test turn out negative, but the test left a scar on Paige's face, which makes her cry. Elliot tells Denise that she ignores intern's ideas because they are not accountable for the results. In the end, Denise tells Paige that it was her idea to perform the test, and Paige is thankful for her honesty.

Sunny confronts Janitor


Sunny counts her new friends at Sacred Heart, 31, and shares her joy about this with Howie and Katie. Howie grabs what he thinks is a mint (which turned out to be a highly concentrated urinal cake) off of Janitor's cart, which rolls down toward a woman in a wheelchair. At the last second, the cart stops because Janitor has it hooked up to a motor he stole from a rude patient. Janitor doesn't get mad at Sunny, and she counts him as her 32nd new friend. Later, as she is about to get on the elevator, Janitor stalls her, but only because he rigged the elevator to scare Howie and Katie for touching his cart. He tells her she is too weak to receive any of his pranks. When she confronts him about his accusation that she is too weak, he tells her that he pranked her by making her think of nothing else besides him being nice to her.

In the end, Janitor splatters paint on Sunny showing her that he will prank everybody, Denise is still eager to diagnose patients and even pre-apologizes, and Derek's rant to his superiors isn't reprimanded, but seemingly has done good things to their relationships. All of these actions and the lessons tied to them (being yourself, being accountable, and standing up for oneself) have earned these interns respect and acceptance within the hospital.

The new interns are surprised by Janitor.

Recurring Themes

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J.D. and Turk walk like pimps.

Elliot's "I told you so" dance


  • J.D.: J.D. and Turk walk like pimps, mirroring an earlier fantasy. Before Turk found out that J.D. turn his testicle into a disco ball. ("My Kingdom")
  • Derek: Turk rips out a patient's organs in anger at J.D.
  • Denise: Elliot sings "I told you so" in French and German in addition to English. (She sings in French and Bavarian in the German dub version.)

Janitor story

Janitor's cart chases J.D.

Since J.D. has become the person who can complain to Dr. Cox enough to get things accomplished and because of the attention it gets him, his ego has inflated and he starts trying to make everyone treat him like he's the big cheese. Janitor doesn't like this, believing J.D. hypnotized everyone else and says he was hypnotized fifteen years ago, and leads him to believe that if someone says the word "popsicle", he will fall asleep. He reveals this to be false at a very inconvenient time for J.D., when he throws a tomato at Janitor. J.D. smugly says "popsicle", but when he sees Janitor still walking towards him, he realizes he was lying and gets his comeuppance. Later, Janitor hooks up his cart to a motor he stole from a rude patient. He "trains" it to do tricks such as fetch him a lemonade. He treats it as a pet.

Janitor also makes Sunny's life miserable, as well as rigging the elevator to scare Katie and Howie.

J.D.'s Girl Name

  • Tammy
Look, Tammy, we don’t have the money.Dr. Cox

Guest Stars

Linda Tomassone as Paige


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Chicago X 12" by Rogue Wave
  • "I Wanna B Your Girl" by Hiphopkins


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Katie and Howie make out.

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8x12 JD Derek.png
Look, Tammy, we don’t have the money. If you want to go out and raise the cash yourself, then feel free; maybe you could sell your eggs to a fertility clinic or sell that beard of yours to the ridiculous museum. Better yet, you could make a list of all the people that you drive insane and tell them that for a nominal fee that you’ll never speak to them again. You will of course offer a monthly subscription at a reduced rate just to reel them in and after a while of you not talking to them people will forget just how annoying you are, and they’ll let their subscription run out, and BANG! That’s when you show up at their house, and you drive them insane all over again by speaking to them, and here’s the kicker - when everyone’s trying to resubscribe you’ll lay it on them that the price is now quadruple, and I’m predicting and this is a loooow end guesstimate, you’re looking at about $100,000,000 a quarter, easy. You give the hospital a hundred thou, we hire a few nurses, but until then, you go tell Carla it ain’t happening.Dr. Cox

It's been so long since I was an intern. I wonder what they're thinking...J.D.

Notice me! Notice me! Notice me! Notice me! Notice me! Notice me!Katie's thoughts
...'cause I'm going to hit that! Oh yea!Howie's thoughts
Time to start yet another day in the suck hole of all suck holes.Denise's thoughts
I'm in such a good mood. I think I'll do a little dance!Sunny's thoughts


  • This is the first episode narrated by non-series regular or supporting cast members. Eliza Coupe had only appeared in 6 previous episodes (and 5 webisodes), Sonal Shah had only appeared in 2 previous episodes (and 8 webisodes), and this was the first episode in which Lee Thompson Young appeared.
  • There is a minor medical error in this episode. When diagnosing temporal arteritis, there are many easier ways to diagnose than a temporal artery biopsy (in fact it is hardly ever performed in clinical practice). There are less invasive tests which would tell us even if it is warranted. Moreover, the scar left by this procedure is much smaller than the one shown.
  • The "I told you so" dance that Elliot does is the same that she does in the earlier episode "My Tuscaloosa Heart". The script had originally called her to do the splits in both the reality and fantasy versions, but while shooting they realized that they had established already that Elliot was wearing a dress, so instead they changed the scene to have her address out loud why she isn't doing the splits.
  • The tag at the end of the episode was outtakes of the Janitor talking to and "feeding" his supply cart.
  • Ken Jenkins does not appear in this episode.
  • The Janitor uses the word "popsicle" to trick J.D. into thinking he was hypnotized. However, in the episode "My Own Personal Hell", Dr. Cox tells the staff that the Janitor said he will popsicle anyone not responding correctly to question who was the greatest doctor (that being Dr. Cox of course).