After six years of being the star around here, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if the spotlight were on some of my supporting players for a change.J.D.'s narration


J.D. passes the narrating responsibility off to Ted, Jordan, and The Todd at Coffee Bucks.

As the hospital's attorney, Ted gets involved in an argument between Dr. Kelso and the nurses, led by Carla, who demand a cost-of-living raise. Kelso refuses, because he knows that the nurses would never strike because they care about the patients. In response, the nurses initiate a slowdown. Dr. Kelso then tells Ted that he will have to fire three nurses to give them their raises. Ted attempts to get the nursing staff to stop the slowdown, but they are "too busy" being slow. In the end, Ted gives the nurses some leverage by anonymously getting them an invoice for needles that reveals that Sacred Heart has been purchasing $50,000 worth of needles for $50 for the past thirty years. The nurses then blackmail Dr. Kelso, and he gives them their raise, and keeps them all employed.

The Todd has a 16 year old patient who is scheduled to get breast implants. Turk takes moral offense to this, thinking she is being pressured by her mother. Turk complains to Dr. Green, who doesn't think that morals and plastic surgery ever go together. He also tells Todd that if Turk carries on for too long, he may ruin his career. After talking with JD and a failed argument with Turk, he lets the patient Stephanie tell him why she wants the surgery, and it changes his opinion.

Jordan, having free time on her hands, decides to "have fun" with Elliot and Keith's relationship. She convinces Elliot to play mind games with Keith, so she can keep control over him after admitting she loves him. Keith gets upset, which Jordan wanted to see. However, she actually feels guilty and after a very length prep-session, tells Elliot that the best way to keep a relationship is to ignore anything that she (Jordan) says.

In the end, the three narrators admit that they all have parts to play in the hospital - even if people don't realize it.

Plot Points

  • Ted gets involved in an argument between Dr. Kelso and the nurses.
  • The Todd has a 16 year old patient who is scheduled to get breast implants.
  • Jordan decides to "have fun" with Elliot and Keith's relationship.

Recurring Themes


  • Ted has great hair, which attracts two ladies with whom he makes out. He then gets stressed out about having to choose conditioner, knocking over some shelves in a grocery store, and accidentally killing his mother.
  • Todd has a conversation with his son, Rod while they both wear banana hammocks. They both admit that they stuff their banana hammocks with socks.
  • Jordan is the host of a talk show entitled "Jordan!". She gets bored by a guest with cancer, and then dances with a girl who looks just like her.
  • While talking with Todd about changing Turk's mind, J.D. goes off into an unseen fantasy- Todd's internal narration notes that he must now wait for J.D. to "snap out of it with some weird comment"- J.D. coming out of the fantasy to claim that he would need a lot of gnomes.

Janitor story

Janitor participates in the nurses' slowdown. However, because he can't work any slower than he normally does, he just stands in the middle of the hallway. He also installed a special tanning lightbulb above where he was standing, so he would no longer be the lightest guy at his mosque.

Episode Running Gags

  • The head of the plastic surgery department, Dr. Green, has an odd fixation with bees, referring to Turk as a "busy bee" and "the bee's knees", and referring to business as "bee's wax" when Turk came to talk to him about The Todd giving a patient breast implants, implying that the issue didn't concern Turk. At the end of the episode, when it shows that everyone in the hospital has their own internal narration, Dr. Green's monologue simply mutters, "Bees. Bees. Bees."

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "The Stripper" by David Rose
  • "Now That We Found Love" by Heavy D & The Boyz
  • "Forever Lost" by The Magic Numbers
  • "Dolores Se Llamaba Lola" by Los Suaves


Dr. Kelso and his racism.Ted's narration

Aw, He didn't give you your cardboard sleeve. Still, don't rock the boat; you don't want people staring. besides how hot can it be? [picks up coffee cup and leasurly walks off with it] HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! HUGE MISTAKE!!! HUGE MISTAKE!!!Ted's narration

We'd have to find a whole lot of gnomes!J.D.

That's helpful.Todd

You know what, I'll let the nurses have their raises, but I'll fire three of them - the ugly ones.Dr. Kelso

Ted are you responsible for this?Dr. Kelso

Please, sir. I don't have the guts.Ted


  • The girl that looks like Jordan in Jordan! is Christa Miller and Bill Lawrence's daughter.
  • Bill Lawrence appeared in the scene when Jordan was talking to Keith and Elliot.
  • The Janitor mentions how he put a tanning light in a light socket he was standing under, because he is tired of being the only white guy in his mosque. However, in a previous episode, he mentions how he converted to Norse Paganism a few years back. Either one, or both were lies, in keeping with how he enjoys lying.
  • Blooper: When Turk decides to confront the Todd about his disapproval of the breast implants, it shows the back of J.D.'s head as if Turk is talking to him, but when the camera turns it shows he is talking to the Todd.
    • This is because the scene was shortened. The full version can be seen in the Season 6 Deleted Scenes, where J.D. has a monologue and leaves before the Todd starts to speak.
  • Snoop Dog Resident's real name is Ronald.
  • The water bottles that fall on Ted's mom are empty.
  • The name of Todd's imagined son, Rod, may be an allusion to The Simpsons characters, Todd and Rod Flanders.
  • Todd uses sarcasm for the first (and probably last) time when he says "That's helpful" to J.D.
  • The day after Jordan thinks that Dr. Cox "is so getting cut again tonight," he has a bandage on his face.
  • This episode is the first "Their" Story, and there is no reason given for J.D. to give up his narration duties, he either gives up his internal monologue (at one point he still drifts off to Todd's chagrin) or is otherwise missing in other instances:
    • His Story he remarked that nothing was going on
    • His Story II he had nothing to do, having gotten his shifts covered, and a previous assignment taken by Lonnie
    • Her Story he had a tape recorder replace his internal monologue
    • Her Story II he gave up his internal monologue for his girlfriend
    • His Story III the Janitor kidnaps him
    • His Story IV he goes to the park to catch up on politics
  • After Jordan says "My parents were mean to me." The guy in the next cut scene wearing a hoodie holding a spoon and cup is show creator Bill Lawrence


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