The Janitorial's first issue.

The Janitorial is tri-daily newspaper that circulates around Sacred Heart Hospital. It has a large circulation around the hospital, and people believe what it says is true, much to the dismay of Dr. Cox. The Janitorial also produces online articles.


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After Dr. Kelso told the Janitor that nobody cared about what he thought, Janitor convened the Brain Trust - Todd, Doug, Ted, and himself, to discuss a way to get their thoughts out to the people. The paper is read by nearly all the staff of the hospital, and is considered a "hit" by the Brain Trust. ("My Manhood")

Production and Staff

  • Janitor is the lead writer for all the editorial articles about union strikes, insurance scams, baby wolfmen. He does not actually conduct any interviews, and thus makes them all up.
  • Todd wants to be the official photographer, but is in charge of weather instead.
  • Ted is the investigative reporter because he is good at sitting in on conversations and not being noticed.

Stories covered

  • "SMACK DOWN!": Turk beating J.D. in a remote wrestling match.
  • "DR. COX SHOCKER GIVE ME A HUG' says Cox": Dr. Cox is actually a nice guy under his tough guy shell, and likes hugs. (Note: This article was made up to get even with Dr. Cox)
  • "DR. COX: ANGRY AGRESSIVE & A LITTLE BIPOLAR": Dr. Cox is not a nice guy and is probably bi-polar. (Note: This article was used to accept Dr. Cox's apology.)


  • The Janitorial is never seen again after "My Manhood", but the Janitor does mention it later.
  • The issue "Dr. Cox: Angry, Agressive and a Little Bipolar" is also briefly seen in My Waste of Time, on the desk of the "Brainhouse".


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