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There are six quotation templates, but only four have any more use. Each is used in a rebuttle. Add an additional "s" to the end for the second, third, or fourth person in a conversation. The second pipe for the speaker is optional. The third pipe for the reference is also optional. The quote templates are:

All four quote templates are used as such:


{{quote|If I find a [[penny]] in there, I'm going to take you down.|[[Janitor]] talking to J.D.|1x1}}

will give you

If I find a penny in there, I'm going to take you down.Janitor talking to J.D.  ("My First Day")

Common use formatting

  • Only give the speaker during their first line in a conversation.
  • Give each speaker a level, such as J.D. will always use "quote" while Elliot would always be "quotes" in a long string of quotes.
  • Try to keep the area for the speaker short. Do not place situational explanation if you can help it.