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She was an odd combination of super friendly and soulless.J.D.  ("My Last Words")

Dr. Taylor Maddox was the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital, filling the position after Dr. Robert Kelso quit. She was fired when the Hospital Staff convinced Dr. Kelso to use his influence over the board members to fire her.


Taylor entering Sacred Heart. ("My Jerks")

Taylor Maddox initially portrays herself as a very nice and outgoing person to those who meet her, as a way to mask her true personality. Dr. Cox later uncovers her real personality, as she is incredibly sadistic, cruel, and greedy. She liked to keep patients who had spectacular health insurance in the hospital and run expensive, but unnecessary, tests just to draw funds from their insurance. Most other doctors, such as Dr. Cox, dislike this and in turn dislike her. She is also somewhat caring to people she likes, as she fired Janitor because he tripped J.D.. ("My Jerks")

Dr. Maddox murdering a patient. ("My Last Words")

During her third month at Sacred Heart, the staff approached her about how her policies made it difficult to treat patients fairly and she announced she didn't care. Unable to find evidence in her office to get her fired, Dr. Cox and Janitor asked Dr. Kelso to blackmail the board into letting her go. They did, but before she left she told the doctors that their victory would be short lived, since her replacement would be just like her. ("My Saving Grace") The office was temporarily vacant, and then filled by Perry Cox.

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Dr. Maddox in "My Last Words"



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