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Janitor introduces "Kyle" to the group.

The squirrel army is about 150 stuffed squirrels, all killed and stuffed by the Janitor. This got his taxidermy license taken away from him. He now runs the army like a council, even to the point of taking votes from the squirrels.

Known Squirrels

  • Troy (voted twice at the next to last meeting)
  • Dwayne (take your complaints to him)
  • Gregg (known for interrupting during meetings)
  • Kyle (the newest, and last, member)


Everyone thinks squirrel armies are so great. I'm not sure it's the healthiest habit in the world.Janitor to Carla  ("My First Kill")

Here, look at this. I found it at a garage sale!Janitor to Lady, holding up a stuffed squirrel


  • Troy is known for voting twice in the council votes.
  • In "My First Kill", the Janitor adds a new member, Kyle.
  • The Squirrel Army is subsequently traded over the internet for Steven, the replacement for Rowdy.