Spence is Turk and J.D.'s college friend who visits them during their second year at Sacred Heart Hospital.


My Dream Job

Spence sitting with J.D. and Turk. ("My Dream Job")

When some of his fraternity brothers are getting married (to each other) near Sacred Heart, Spence stays with J.D. and Turk where he is introduced to Carla and other staff of Sacred Heart. Spence also accidentally reveals that Dr. Cox is Jack's father. J.D. and Turk complain that their job keeps them busy, and Spence manages to get them out of the apartment on a night when they are on back-up on-call. The three relax in a hot tub and are later joined by the tub's owners and they drink beers together. The doctors are called to Sacred Heart where they get in trouble for having been drinking. They blame Spence, but he makes them realize that they are only taking their anger about their jobs out on him. ("My Dream Job")


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