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Sunny is a wicker basket of adorable kittens sliding down a shimmering rainbow.Dr. Cox  ("Our Mysteries")

Dr. Sonja "Sunny" Dey is a medical resident at New Sacred Heart Hospital. She began as an intern at the original Sacred Heart and had a video diary of her experiences as an intern. (Scrubs: Interns)

Sunny is portrayed by Sonal Shah who first appeared in the webisode "Our Intern Class" and made her first episode debut in "My Absence". She was last seen in "Our Mysteries" working at New Sacred Heart, where she is presumed to still be working.


Sunny, pondering. ("Their Story II")

Sunny double majored in college in Pre-Med and Film, so she has the skills and drive to make a video diary for her mother of her first year at Sacred Heart. (Our Intern Class)

At Sacred Heart, some people find her to be too cheery. Her nickname is "Sunny", and her last name is Dey so apparently her parents named her "Sunny Day". She once said that the reason for her happiness was that she had four abortions in college, but it turns out she was joking. One night, she could not enlist either Dr. Cox nor Carla Espinosa to stay with her and keep a comatose patient alive until his sister arrived from England. Because she was by herself, she accidentally stuck herself with a dopamine needle, and later tied the patient to the bed because she had a nightmare about him. ("My Absence") Sunny gets upset when the Janitor claims she is too weak to handle one of his pranks. She states that it takes a very strong person to walk around the hospital with such a large smile every day. ("Their Story II") When trying to help a patient, Mrs. Powell, pass gas to prove that her rectum is functional, Sunny admits that she was trained by her family to be very lady like. She ultimately gets Mrs. Powell to overcome the obstacle of flatulence, showing her great ability to connect to patients. ("My Full Moon")

Sunny and Denise. ("Our Mysteries")

Sunny is chosen by Dr. Kelso when he is admitted to Sacred Heart with the stomach flu. He finds several excuses to get her to leave the room and treats himself. ("My Cuz") Sunny tried to wish J.D. a heartfelt farewell, but he cut her off. Later, she got Dr. Cox to admit his true feelings toward J.D. when J.D. bribed her. That wasn't very smart, it turned out. While J.D. got to leave, she still had to stay there with Dr. Cox.("My Finale")

When Sacred Heart was demolished and rebuilt, Sunny moved to the new facility where she currently works as a doctor. ("Our Mysteries")


Her parents

Sunny's father loved her smile and loved to make puns, Sunny thinks her father is an "ass", but she is making a video diary for her mother. (Our Intern Class) Her mother loves her very much and even buys her new scrubs and leaves her notes. ("My Comedy Show")

Sunny with the Brain Trust. ("Our Meeting with the Braintrust")

Hospital Staff

Sonja thought that Ted was sweaty, but is a fan of The Worthless Peons and pays them to create a theme song for her diary. She wasn't directly intimidated by Dr. Cox when he ranted to her, and seems to think that Janitor is "nice". (Our Intern Class) Sunny liked Janitor when he sold her her camera back (Our Intern Class) and didn't seem to have too big of problems when he outlined his ground rules for their behavior around the hospital. (Our Meeting in the Broom Closet) Later, Sunny sits in on a Brain Trust meeting. As a new member, according to Janitor, they want her to use her cameras to film the pilot episode of Legal Custodians. (Our Meeting with the Braintrust)

Sunny and her intern friends. ("Our Intern Class")

Other Interns

Of her fellow interns, she likes all of them, but thinks Katie Collins is two-faced, Howie Gelder is snarky, Ed Dhandapani is always late, and Denise Mahoney will be her new "besty", even if she is rude. (Our Intern Class). Despite her belief that she and Denise are friends, she does fear her, and one time Denise even threatens to beat her up in front of everyone. She also whispers during her freeze frame while making her video diary to avoid being hurt and once keeps the video recording for as long as possible to avoid being swirlied by Denise, until the battery dies. She is proud that she has made 32 new friends at Sacred Heart, including the Janitor. ("Their Story II")


Denise refers to Sunny as her "closest female friend". She still treats her poorly though, such as never planning to call her back or refusing to let her sit at the same table. ("Our Mysteries")


Sunny with a patient. ("Our Bedside Manner")


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