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Shannon was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Shannon at Sacred Heart. ("My Number One Doctor")

Because Shannon had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Elliot was used to seeing her at the hospital and had gotten to know her. She was admitted one day with unfamiliar symptoms, and as Elliot tried to figure out what was happening, Shannon told J.D. that she had already told all of her friends goodbye and prematurely had her funeral. J.D. made her laugh by attempting to make himself cry. Elliot quickly figured out that Shannon's symptoms were from taking too many pills. Shannon told her that next time, she would have to take more of a different pill. Elliot became extremely upset that Shannon would want to kill herself, but Shannon explained that she was soon going to be completely paralyzed and had already told all of her friends goodbye. When Shannon's caretaker Gayle took her out of the hospital, Elliot did not tell her what Shannon was planning to do, respecting that it was Shannon's decision to make. ("My Number One Doctor") By now, Shannon has either committed suicide or finally succumbed to her disease.


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