It's Beardfacé. Why do you people insist on calling me Beardface!?Beardface

May I? Well I just got here, but if I had to guess, I would say it's because your face is like 5/6ths beard.Joe
Damn you!

Seymour Beardfacé is a bearded surgeon at New Sacred Heart Hospital.


People often call him Dr. Beardface. But it's pronounced French beard-fuh-say. He initially held the hospital record for fastest appendectomy until his time was beaten by Turk. He is often a little touchy about his beard, and finds it hard to laugh about his facial hair. ("My Comedy Show")

Other doctors like to play "Macaroni" using Beardface's beard as the target. The game is simple--just flick macaroni into his beard. Dr. Kelso is known to have especially "mad 'roni skills". Beardface is surprisingly oblivious to this game, even while it is being played.

Elliot did not give him an invitation to her wedding, and Jordan did not give him an invitation to Jennifer Dylan's christening. ("My Point of No Return")

After Sacred Heart Hospital was demolished, Dr. Beardfacé began working at New Sacred Heart Hospital.



  • The actor Geoff Stevenson, who portrays Dr. Beardfacé, plays a patient Mr. Singer. ("My Brother, My Keeper")
  • The actor who plays Dr. Beardfacé is Australian
  • Dr. Beardfacé appears in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart.("My Finale")
  • Seymour is a Republican


It's Beardfacé, damn it!Dr. Beardfacé

My beard is only this big!Dr. Beardfacé

If you wanna lose the nickname, you gotta shave the beard! Of course, then you'd be Dr. Face.Dr. Cox

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The actor Geoff Stevenson worked as a background actor for Scrubs for many years, but has speaking roles in the following episodes:

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