8x5 JD Turk Izzy watch TV

J.D., Turk, and Izzy watch Sesame Street

I grew up on the Street. No, not the 'hood, the Sesame Street.J.D.  ("My ABC's")

Sesame Street is an educational public television program for children, first broadcast in 1969. The show teaches pre-schoolers about letters, numbers and other age-appropriate concepts, using a mix of live actors, animation, film clips and Muppets. In the Scrubs episode "My ABC's", J.D. watches Sesame Street with Turk and Izzy, and fantasizes about the characters all day.


Muppets Appearing

Theme Song

The theme song "Sesame Street", also called "Sunny Days" was covered acoustically by Joshua Radin.

Joshua Radin - Sunny Days (Sesame Street Theme Song)

Joshua Radin - Sunny Days (Sesame Street Theme Song)

"Sunny Days" from "My ABC's"


I'm gonna go with... Guy Smiley, here!Dr. Cox  ("My Super Ego")

You know, when I was a kid, I had my first sex dream about Mr. Hooper. Least I think it was a sex dream -- he was trying to choke me.Elliot  ("My Sex Buddy")

So, what's the big gift there, Gordon?Dr. Cox

[Turk looks at Dr. Cox, confused.]

Black guy from Sesame Street.  ("My Bad Too")

Dude, have you been having fantasies about Muppets all day?J.D.

No, I'm straight.Turk  (My ABC's)

What is Elmo? A seal?J.D.

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