Season Three of Scrubs originally aired from October 2003 to May 2004 on NBC. It averaged 10.41 million viewers per episode and received two Emmy nominations. It is available on DVD in regions 1, 2, and 4, and episodes are syndicated in most major markets.


It's a whole new year for the staff of Sacred Heart Hospital as Elliot undergoes a complete makeover in an attempt to change her luck and the residents discover the incredible healing powers of an epiphany toilet. J.D. and Elliot test the waters again to see if they have a future together, while Turk and Carla get married. All the while, Dr. Cox must contend with everyone around him, including Dr. Kelso and Jordan, and the Janitor keeps up his old habit of making J.D.'s life tough.

Elliot, frustrated with her personal life and with being overlooked at the hospital, gets a makeover that helps her self esteem and meets back up with an old flame, ("My Own American Girl") which makes J.D. jealous. ("My Journey") Days later, the three residents get their own interns to mentor and approach them with different teaching styles. ("My White Whale") J.D. begins to feel like a fifth wheel to his friends ("My Lucky Night") and is further frustrated when his older brother visits him again. ("My Brother, Where Art Thou?") Turk meets Carla's brother and the two don't get along, while J.D.'s fortunes change when he begins dating Jordan's sister. ("My Advice to You") Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso becomes deaf temporarily and everyone takes advantage of it to insult him. ("My Fifteen Seconds") The three friends each have their own experiences with being called "doctors" rather than "residential students." ("My Friend the Doctor") Elliot continues to struggle with talking about private parts ("My Dirty Secret") and dealing with sexual situations with patients. ("My Rule of Thumb") J.D. and Elliot have a rough couple of days when Danni breaks up with J.D. after their long relationship and Elliot's new look brings her problems with coworkers. ("My Clean Break")

A very talented doctor, Kevin Casey, visits Sacred Heart, and everybody likes him until he begins to outshine all of them. ("My Catalyst") Dr. Casey overcomes some of his fears, while J.D. is upset that Turk asks his brother to be his best man at his wedding. ("My Porcelain God") Ben Sullivan's return to the hospital brings bad news, ("My Screw Up") which upsets Dr. Cox severely. ("My Tormented Mentor") After J.D. and others talk about fate's role in their careers, ("My Butterfly") Carla's old crush returns to Sacred Heart, and Elliot turns out to be terribly wrong while diagnosing a patient. ("My Moment of Un-Truth") Turk worries about finally committing to marriage, while J.D. attempts to win Elliot back. ("His Story II") After short flings (Danni/J.D. and Sean/Elliot), ("My Choosiest Choice of All") they become a couple again. ("My Fault") J.D. realizes he only wants what he can't have and publicly dumps Elliot. ("My Self-Examination") Turk and Carla get married and leave to enjoy their honeymoon, but Elliot and J.D. are at odds worse than ever before. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")


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Full list: List of Scrubs' awards and nominations

The third season was nominated for the following Emmys:

  • Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series


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My Own American Girl
"My Own American Girl" October 3, 2003
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Bill Lawrence
  • J.D. has problems with a patient and can't get Dr. Cox's help.
  • Elliot meets back up with Sean
  • Many people, including Ted, Janitor and the nurses find they can relax at work because they can tell when Dr. Kelso is coming.

My Journey
"My Journey" October 9, 2003
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Tim Hobert
  • J.D. gets jealous because of Elliot and Sean's relationship.
  • Carla finds a jar of urine and tries to find out whose it is.

My White Whale
"My White Whale" October 23, 2003
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Eric Weinberg
  • J.D., Turk and Elliot get their own interns.
  • J.D.'s interns lose his respect because of his friendliness.
  • Elliot's interns choke when Dr. Kelso is present.
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan ask Dr. David Norris to be Jack's pediatrician.

My Lucky Night
"My Lucky Night" October 30, 2003
Directed by: John Inwood - Written by: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
  • Sean informs Elliot that he is leaving for six months, and J.D. tries to take the opportunity to ask her out.
  • Dr. Cox wants a promotion, but realizes he needs Jordan to get it.
  • Carla joins Turk in surgery.

My Brother, Where Art Thou?
"My Brother, Where Art Thou?" November 6, 2003
Directed by: Marc Buckland - Written by: Mike Schwartz
  • J.D.'s brother, Dan, visits again, and Dan thinks that J.D. doesn't care about his patients anymore and that the hospital has changed his attitude for the worse.
  • Carla and Elliot get in trouble for moonlighting.

My Advice to You
"My Advice to You" November 13, 2003
Directed by: Gail Mancuso - Written by: Debra Fordham
  • Carla's brother Marco arrives and doesn't get along with Turk.
  • J.D. meets Danni and realizes he needs someone else in his life to get over Elliot.
  • Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso have a power struggle over the residents.

My Fifteen Seconds
"My Fifteen Seconds" November 20, 2003
Directed by: Ken Whittingham - Written by: Mark Stegemann
  • J.D. spends more time with Dr. Cox, outside the hospital.
  • Dr. Kelso goes temporarily deaf which causes everyone to take advantage of this.
  • Elliot and Carla compete at making decisions with patients.

My Friend the Doctor
"My Friend the Doctor" December 4, 2003
Directed by: Ken Whittingham - Written by: Gabrielle Allan
  • Turk becomes the stud of the hospital after a successful surgery.
  • Elliot doesn't feel like a doctor, and wants to saves someones life to feel like one.
  • Dr. Cox hurts his back and realizes he is getting old.

My Dirty Secret
"My Dirty Secret" December 11, 2003
Directed by: Chris Koch - Written by: Gabrielle Allan
  • Elliot gets in trouble because of her inability to refer to patient's private areas using medical terms.
  • Dr. Cox temporarily stays with J.D. and Turk because he can't handle Jordan.
  • Carla tries to prove that she can take a joke.

My Rule of Thumb
"My Rule of Thumb" January 22, 2004
Directed by: Craig Zisk - Written by: Janae Bakken
  • Turk refuses to perform surgery on Dr. Cox's friend.
  • Dr. Cox isn't getting any respect from everyone because he is too happy to arouse fear.
  • Danni wants to move in with a hesitant J.D..
  • Carla and Elliot help a patient have sex before dying.

My Clean Break
"My Clean Break" February 3, 2004
Directed by: Chris Koch - Written by: Angela Nissel
  • J.D. wants to break up with Danni, but she beats him to it.
  • Elliot's looks only bring her discrimination around the hospital.
  • Dr. Cox feels that he has gone soft ever since Jack Cox was born, and talks to him throughout the episode as if he were a therapist.

My Catalyst
"My Catalyst" February 10, 2004
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Bill Lawrence
  • Dr. Casey, a great doctor with OCD, arrives at the hospital and upstages everyone.
  • Turk's record-time surgery is quickly stolen by Dr. Casey.
  • J.D. thinks that Dr. Casey would make a better mentor when he stumps Dr. Cox.

My Porcelain God
"My Porcelain God" February 17, 2004
Directed by: Adam Bernstein - Written by: Tim Hobert & Eric Weinberg
  • Dr. Casey tries to sit on "The Epiphany Toilet", a germ-infested toilet which he is scared to sit on.
  • J.D. is upset when Turk chooses his brother to be best man.
  • Dr. Cox tries to persuade Dr. Kelso to re-open a wing which was closed for budget costs.

My Screw Up
"My Screw Up" February 24, 2004
Directed by: Chris Koch - Written by: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
  • Ben Sullivan is back but he hasn't had any doctors see about his cancer for the past two years.
  • Jack is having his first birthday party, to which Ben Sullivan is invited, while J.D. is upset that he is not invited.

My Tormented Mentor
"My Tormented Mentor" March 2, 2004
Directed by: Craig Zisk - Written by: Gabrielle Allan
  • Dr. Kelso gets complaints from the nurses that male staff are making sexually-harassing comments.
  • Dr. Cox is finding it hard to cope with Ben's death, and having Jordan's friends still around makes it worse.
  • The surgeons are taken aback by Dr. Miller, the new surgeon.

My Butterfly
"My Butterfly" March 16, 2004
Directed by: Henry Chan - Written by: Justin Spitzer
  • Turk can't find his lucky do-rag which helps him with surgery.
  • Elliot has to look for her patient's lost stuffed pink doggie.
  • J.D. wonders how events would be different, including the result of surgery on a patient, if one butterfly took a different course.

My Moment of Un-Truth
"My Moment of Un-Truth" March 30, 2004
Directed by: Gail Mancuso - Written by: Rich Eustis
  • Carla's "what if" guy Ron Ramirez asks her out on a date.
  • Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are trying to convince Elliot not to give her patient drugs as they suspect he is an addict faking pain.
  • J.D. is confided in by Turk and Carla but cannot tell anyone because of friendship promises.

His Story II
"His Story II" Narrated by Christopher TurkApril 6, 2004
Directed by: Jason Ensler - Written by: Mark Stegemann

My Choosiest Choice of All
"My Choosiest Choice of All" April 20, 2004
Directed by: Adam Bernstein - Written by: Mike Schwartz

My Fault
"My Fault" April 22, 2004
Directed by: Richard Wells - Written by: Debra Fordham
  • Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox battle over offering full-body scans.
  • Turk has to un-invite someone to his wedding.
  • Elliot finds a new romantic partner after dumping Sean.

My Self-Examination
"My Self-Examination" April 27, 2004
Directed by: Randall Winston - Written by: Janae Bakken
  • J.D. publicly humiliates Elliot and himself.
  • Turk has problems writing his wedding vows.
  • Jordan refuses to fight with Dr. Cox, making him point his anger toward Janitor.

My Best Friend's Wedding
"My Best Friend's Wedding" May 4, 2004
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Tim Hobert
  • Turk and Carla get married.
  • Turk is almost late to his own wedding.
  • J.D. and Elliot are at odds after their break up.


Full list: List of music featured in Scrubs

The third season of Scrubs, known for including hit songs, includes music from U2, Journey, REM, Matthew Sweet, Enrique Iglesias, Stroke 9, Coldplay, Counting Crows, Josh Radin, Avril Lavigne, Rhett Miller and many more.


Main article: The Complete Third Season DVD

The complete third season was released onto DVD in region one on May 9, 2006. The three disk set includes all 22 episodes, plus the following special features:

  • Audio commentaries with cast members, Bill Lawrence, and writers on "His Story II", & "My Self-Examination"
  • Three "Supersized" episodes ("My Lucky Night", "My Catalyst" and "My Porcelain God") that are approximately 6 minutes longer than originally aired
  • Scrubbed Out - Deleted scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Alternate Lines: A Second Opinion
  • Twist and Shoot - First-time directors
  • Don't Try This at Home - Stunts featurette
  • Long Term Residents - Behind season three's unforgettable guest star appearances.
  • What's Up Dawg? - Dogs of the cast and crew
  • Scrubs Factor - How far will the cast and crew go on a dare?
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? - Extended cast interview
  • The New Elliot - Watch her character go from pushover to knockout
  • J.D. and Elliot love saga featurette
  • One-On-One with "The Todd"

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