Season Six of Scrubs originally aired between November 2006 and May 2007 on NBC. It averaged 6.41 million viewers per episode, and received five Emmy nominations. It is available on DVD in regions 1, 2, & 4; and episodes are syndicated in most major markets.


As J.D. confronts the realities of his relationship with Kim, he is surprised when she gets pregnant. Turk and Carla have a child, and Carla questions if she should return to Sacred Heart. Things get pretty serious between Elliot and Keith, leading them on an emotional trip. Dr. Cox and Jordan have another child, and Dr. Kelso continues to manage the hospital with an eye for budget and a knack for argument. On top of their personal lives, the doctors and staff of Sacred Heart must manage handfuls of patients and cases which get as wacky as a woman who hears music and the Janitor's prankish ways.

My Best Friend's Baby's Baby And My Baby's Baby

Isabella Turk is born. ("My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby")

J.D. comes to grips with the fact that he is going to be a father but can't find anybody to listen to him complain. ("My Mirror Image") J.D. and Kim debate what they should do with their baby, but when Carla gives birth to Isabella Turk they decide to have it. ("My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby") As Carla decides to take a year off work to take care of the new baby, Dr. Kelso opens a Coffee Bucks to raise extra money. ("My Coffee") Elliot decides to make a career move to private practice ("My House") and Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso become extremely upset with her for selling out. ("My Friend with Money") A woman who thinks that everybody is singing is brought in to Sacred Heart, and the doctors must try to solve why she hears music. ("My Musical") When a soldier is checked into Sacred Heart, Dr. Kelso contemplates his days in the navy as the staff debates the Iraq War. ("His Story IV") J.D. and others take a road trip to see Kim's first ultrasound, but she tells him that she miscarried. ("My Road to Nowhere") After a DUI, J.D. is taped to the ceiling and realizes that the whole world does not revolve around him. ("My Perspective") During his month's probation from driving, he learns that small progress is still progress. ("My Therapeutic Month") The staff takes the time during a slow night to remember their favorite parts of the past six years. ("My Night to Remember")

My Conventional Wisdom

Kim and J.D. talk about her pregnancy. ("My Conventional Wisdom")

When Private Brian Dancer attempts suicide, he takes the doctors' lecture and reflects it on themselves. ("My Fishbowl") Dr. Kelso, concerned about the budget, only orders ugly brown scrubs to punish theft. ("My Scrubs") After a day full of debating about the existence of God, Laverne gets injured in a car crash. ("My No Good Reason") She is in an unresponsive coma and the staff say their goodbyes before she passes away. ("My Long Goodbye") After her funeral, the staff take the minister's advice in different strides into their lives. ("My Words of Wisdom") Ted helps the nurses retaliate against Kelso, Jordan toys with Elliot's relationship, and Todd contemplates a questionable surgery. ("Their Story") While her college friend is in town, Keith proposes to Elliot, ("My Turf War") which leads J.D. to become quite jealous and desiring of Elliot. ("My Cold Shower") At a medical convention, J.D. runs into Kim again who is still carrying their baby. ("My Conventional Wisdom") While battling with his inner conscious, J.D. decides to get back together with Kim for the sake of the child, ("My Rabbit") but during an intimate moment he and Elliot question their relationships and nearly kiss. ("My Point of No Return")


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Scrubs was nominated for five Emmys in its sixth season:


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My Mirror Image
"My Mirror Image" November 30, 2006
Directed by: John Inwood - Written by: Tim Hobert
  • J.D. addresses the news that he's going to be a father.
  • Dr. Cox worries that his anger might affect his children.
  • Janitor wonders if he has wasted his life.

My Best Friend's Baby's Baby And My Baby's Baby
"My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby" December 7, 2006
Directed by: Gail Mancuso - Written by: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan

My Coffee
"My Coffee" December 14, 2006
Directed by: Rick Blue - Written by: Tad Quill
  • J.D. gives medical advice to strangers outside of the hospital.
  • Elliot's patient turns out to be a private practice doctor.
  • Carla considers being a stay-at-home mother.
  • Dr. Kelso opens a Coffee Bucks to make money.

My House
"My House" January 4, 2007
Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Bill Callahan
  • Elliot takes her anger at Dr. Kelso out on Turk.
  • Carla starts showing symptoms of postpartum depression.
  • Dr. Cox feels like Dr. House when he has to solve the mystery of a man with unexplainable orange skin.

My Friend With Money
"My Friend with Money" January 11, 2007
Directed by: John Michel - Written by: Gabrielle Allan

My Musical
"My Musical" January 18, 2007
Directed by: Will Mackenzie - Written by: Debra Fordham
  • A patient hallucinates that everyone around her sings and dances.
  • Carla wants to leave work to look after Izzy, to Turk's happiness, but she then has some second thoughts.
  • J.D. envies Elliot's new apartment.

His Story IV
"His Story IV" Narrated by Dr. KelsoFebruary 1, 2007
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Mike Schwartz
  • Dr. Kelso struggles to maintains peoples respect for him after the debates cause problems.
  • The hospital is divided after the Iraq War is debated about.
  • J.D. spends the day researching the Iraq War.

My Road to Nowhere
"My Road to Nowhere" February 8, 2007
Directed by: Mark Stegemann - Written by: Mark Stegemann
  • J.D. is joined by friends on a road trip.
  • Dr. Cox wants to know the gender of his baby, as Jordan has decided to allow him to know this.
  • Turk and Dr. Cox get revenge on each other.

My Perspective
"My Perspective" February 15, 2007
Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Angela Nissel
  • Turk's patient loses faith in him after he admits the truth.
  • Carla tries out her new "I have a baby" excuse.
  • Janitor goes on vacation, but that doesn't stop him tormenting J.D..

My Therapeutic Month
"My Therapeutic Month" February 22, 2007
Directed by: Ken Whittingham - Written by: Aseem Batra
  • Private Dancer wants to write his name.
  • Turk goes from surgical to medical after breaking his arm, and aims to win Dr Cox's respect.
  • J.D. asks out Anne Chase to "get back into the game".

My Night to Remember
"My Night to Remember" March 1, 2007
Directed by: Richard Davis - Written by: Debra Fordham
  • Everyone is coping with boredom on a slow day.
  • Roger Templeton arrives at the hospital after attempted suicide, but can't remember it.
  • J.D. thinks back upon all his best and worst moments.

My Fishbowl
"My Fishbowl" March 8, 2007
Directed by: Chris Koch - Written by: Kevin Biegel
  • Private Dancer is discharged from Sacred Heart, but is admitted back after he is found unconscious from a drug overdose.
  • J.D. and Turk resolve their old problem with J.D. finding his college girlfriend in bed with Turk.

My Scrubs
"My Scrubs" March 15, 2007
Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Clarence Livingston
  • J.D. and Turk try to beat the system to treat an uninsured patient.
  • Dr. Cox tries to warn Elliot of a reformed drug addict.
  • The staff is condemned to wearing brown scrubs when Kelso suspects a clothing thief in their midst.

My No Good Reason
"My No Good Reason" March 22, 2007
Directed by: Zach Braff - Written by: Janae Bakken
  • J.D. and Turk become infatuated with Izzy's new nanny.
  • Elliot is suspended when she brings a dog into the hospital.
  • Dr. Cox debates with Laverne over the existence of a "greater plan".

My Long Goodbye
"My Long Goodbye" April 5, 2007
Directed by: Victor Nelli Jr. - Written by: Dave Tennant

My Words of Wisdom
"My Words of Wisdom" April 12, 2007
Directed by: Victor Nelli Jr. - Written by: Eric Weinberg

Their Story
"Their Story" Narrated by Todd Quinlan, Ted Buckland, & Jordan SullivanApril 19, 2007
Directed by: Richard Wells - Written by: Andy Schwartz

My Turf War
"My Turf War" April 16, 1007
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Sean Russell
  • Elliot's college friend Melody O'Harra comes to town.
  • Keith proposes to Elliot.
  • Dr. Cox and Turk argue over who should deal with Lloyd.

My Cold Shower
"My Cold Shower" May 3, 2007
Directed by: John Inwood - Written by: Janae Bakken
  • Keith re-proposes to Elliot in front of her friends.
  • J.D. thinks Elliot should still be his, and some employees around Sacred Heart see this and comfort him.
  • Two elderly patients give Carla sexual advice.

My Conventional Wisdom
"My Conventional Wisdom" May 10, 2007
Directed by: Michael McDonald - Written by: Bill Callahan
  • J.D. and Turk visit a convention in Pheonix, where J.D. discovers Kim is still pregnant.
  • Dr. Cox upsets Elliot while she is planning her wedding.

My Rabbit
"My Rabbit" May 17, 2007
Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Aseem Batra & Kevin Biegel
  • J.D. gives a relationship with Kim another chance.
  • Turk doesn't perform a risky surgery on a patient when he finds out the patient has a child.
  • Elliot makes picky choices about her wedding.

My Point of No Return
"My Point of No Return" May 17, 2007
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
  • J.D. has second thoughts about asking Kim to give up so much for him.
  • Elliot has second thoughts about her wedding to Keith.
  • Dr. Cox gets Jordan to make J.D. no longer Jennifer Dylan's godfather.



"Welcome to Sacred Heart" from "My Musical".

Full list: List of music featured in Scrubs

In addition to the original songs from "My Musical", the sixth season of Scrubs includes music from OK Go, Lifehouse, Billy Ocean, Spoon, Aces, The Coral, The Churchills, Say Anything, and many more.


Main article: The Complete Sixth Season DVD

The complete sixth season of Scrubs was released onto region one DVD on October 30, 2007. The three disc set contains all 22 episodes, and the special features:

  • My Making Of: "My Musical": The cast stars in a musical episode with songs written by Tony Award-Winning composers. See it all - from rehearsals to the full-blown spectacle.
  • Judy Reyes Keeps Talking: The actress behind Carla Espinosa reveals her inspirations and secrets of the event-packed season
  • Scrubbed Out: Deleted scenes
  • Alternate Lines: A second opinion
  • Practice, Practice, Malpractice: Outtakes (as advertised on box, but not actually on the disc)
  • Audio Commentaries
  • A hidden Easter Egg with Bill Lawrence and Randall Winston, giving hints about plot points in Season Seven.

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