Season Seven of Scrubs originally aired between October 2007 and May 2008 on NBC. It averaged 6.38 million viewers per episode, and received one Emmy nomination. Season Seven was to be the final season of Scrubs. It is available on DVD in regions 1, 2, & 4; and episodes are syndicated in most major markets.

Due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike only 12 out of the 18 episodes ordered were made, and only 11 aired. NBC also decided not to finish the full 18 episode billing, thus causing the episode "My Commitment" to be uncompleted. Bill Lawrence decided not to create a sudden ending and put the pressure on NBC to make the remaining six episodes. NBC decided against doing this, and decided to leave it after 12 episodes. After all eleven episodes aired, ABC picked up Scrubs for Season Eight.


At the beginning of J.D.'s seventh year, he makes a vow to himself to be less self destructive, as Elliot calls off the wedding with Keith. ("My Own Worst Enemy") Soon after, Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian is born to Kim and J.D., and J.D. commits to stay with Kim. ("My Hard Labor") Dan visits J.D. at the hospital and surprises J.D. with his newfound success. ("My Inconvenient Truth") Vowing to change and act like more of an adult, J.D. learns all but one of the employees names at Sacred Heart. ("My Identity Crisis") As J.D. raises Sam and Turk raises Izzy, ("My Growing Pains") J.D. finds himself rated as the top doctor at Sacred Heart by the patients. ("My Number One Doctor") Turk has a rough couple of weeks when he learns Spanish ("My Bad Too") and takes out his hyper-masculinity on J.D. ("My Manhood")

Dr. Kelso is found to be too old to keep his job as Chief of Medicine, but when the board extends his career, he retires. ("My Dumb Luck") J.D. and Elliot take initiative to track down a former patient, and talk once again about having a life together. ("My Waste of Time") The two doctors nearly kiss yet again, and are left uncertain about how their relationship will pan out in the future. ("My Princess")


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The episode "My Princess" was nominated for the following Emmy:

  • Outstanding Cinematography For A Half-hour Series, John Inwood, Director of Photography


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My Own Worst Enemy
"My Own Worst Enemy" October 25, 2007
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan

My Hard Labor
"My Hard Labor" November 1, 2007
Directed by: Adam Bernstein - Written by: Bill Callahan

My Inconvenient Truth
"My Inconvenient Truth" November 8, 2007
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Debra Fordham

  • Janitor attempts to make the hospital "greener".
  • Dan surprises J.D. with a new car.
  • A new scale at the hospital worries some of the employees.

My Identity Crisis
"My Identity Crisis" November 15, 2007
Directed by: Gail Mancuso - Written by: Dave Tennant

  • Carla worries about losing her heritage.
  • Janitor quizzes J.D. on the real names of Sacred Heart employees.

My Growing Pains
"My Growing Pains" November 29, 2007
Directed by: Zach Braff - Written by: Mike Schwartz

  • J.D. and Turk reminisce about their first prank together.
  • Dr. Kelso's true age is revealed.
  • Dr. Cox has a 10-year-old patient, Josh Winston, who is diagnosed with leukemia.

My Number One Doctor
"My Number One Doctor" December 6, 2007
Directed by: Will Mackenzie - Written by: Janae Bakken

  • Dr. Kelso signs the hospital up to
  • The Janitor hides his crazy side to his girlfriend Lady.
  • Dr. Kelso wins free muffins for life from Coffee Bucks.

My Bad Too
"My Bad Too" April 10, 2008
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Clarence Livingston

  • Carla worries about ensuring Izzy a bright future.
  • Dr. Cox rants about an impulsive patient.
  • Turk learns Spanish as a gift for Carla, but is convinced to keep it a secret for his own benefit.

My Manhood
"My Manhood" April 17, 2008
Directed by: Michael McDonald - Written by: Angela Nissel

My Dumb Luck
"My Dumb Luck" April 24, 2008
Directed by: Rick Blue - Written by: Aseem Batra

My Waste of Time
"My Waste of Time" May 1st 2008
Directed by: Chris Koch - Written by: Andy Schwartz

  • Elliot and J.D. seek out a former patient in order to give him compensation for prescribing a Plomox.
  • Dr. Cox loves his new title, however he is unsure if he wants all of the problems that come with it.

My Princess
"My Princess" Narrated by J.D. and Dr. CoxMay 8, 2008
Directed by: Zach Braff - Written by: Mark Stegemann

  • After having a bad day at the hospital, Dr. Cox goes home to find out he has to tell his son Jack a story.
  • J.D. and Elliot work together to diagnose Marian.


Full list: List of music featured in Scrubs

The seventh season of Scrubs, although short, contained many songs by talented artists, including Say Anything, Colin Hay, Trik Turner, The Who, Pete Yorn, Jump Little Children, Ben Lee, Modest Mouse, and many more.


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The complete seventh season of Scrubs was released onto DVD in region one on November 11, 2008. The two disc set includes all 11 episodes, plus the following special features:

  • My Making of II: "My Princess" - Go behind the scenes of the most ambitious Scrubs episode ever as Season Seven's finale finds Dr. Cox spinning a bedtime story, complete with damsel in distress, hideous monster and village idiot, based on real life goings-on at Sacred Heart (Guess who he casts as the knight in shining armor?)
  • One-On-One With Ken Jenkins - The actor who created Scrub's irascible chief of medicine, Dr. Kelso, sits down for a revealing exclusive interview.
  • Hilarious Deleted Scenes, Alternate Lines and Bloopers
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Easter Egg: Just A Other Typical Day In the Scrubs Elevator

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