Season Nine of Scrubs was its final season and originally aired between December 2009 and March 2010 on ABC in 720p High Definition. It averaged 3.83 million viewers per episode, making it the lowest rated season. It is available on DVD in region 1.

With the subtle nickname Scrubs: Med School, the series shifted locations to Winston University and the New Sacred Heart Hospital. Season Nine takes place roughly eighteen months after the last episode, "My Finale".


Season 9 title sequence med school

Med School

Now married to Elliot and expecting a child, J.D. returns to work with his best friend Turk at the newly rebuilt Sacred Heart Hospital. At Winston University, he, Turk, Dr. Kelso, and Dr. Cox serve as professors and Denise works as a faculty adviser to a young bunch of medical students. Among the students is the timid Lucy Bennett, hell-bent on making the most of med school, the womanizing Cole Aaronson, and the standoffish Drew Suffin who is actually making a second attempt at becoming a doctor. As J.D. tries to inspire, Dr. Cox tries to weed out the weak, and Lucy can barely stand the pressure.

9x1 Happy Lucy

Lucy celebrates her first day of school. ("Our First Day of School")

Lucy starts medical school and is glad that she has a fresh start with a whole bunch of new people, while J.D. returns to teach internal medicine. ("Our First Day of School") Lucy feels a connection with an alcoholic, and goes out on a limb to help him. ("Our Drunk Friend") When Dr. Cox's favorite student Drew fails, Cox gives up on him. Lucy looks to Denise to replace J.D. as her mentor when he is done teaching. ("Our Role Models") While J.D. and Turk must face the fact that they are getting old, the med students have trouble conducting final interviews with terminal patients. ("Our Histories") As the semester winds down, Lucy worries about passing Dr. Cox's exam while J.D. worries about student evaluations. ("Our Mysteries") Lucy meets Elliot, who she thinks is an awesome role model, while Turk finds that Denise is a great friend to have around the hospital. ("Our New Girl-Bro") When the White Coat Ceremony rolls around, Lucy must ponder why she wants to be a doctor, and Drew must face his past. ("Our White Coats")
9x9 JD Elliot on Babymoon

J.D. and Elliot prepare for a baby. ("Our Stuff Gets Real")

Lucy becomes ashamed of her relationship with Cole when people learn that they sleep together. ("Our Couples") As Elliot's delivery date nears, J.D. finds a way to spend quality time with his expecting wife, while Lucy can't bring herself to cut open a cadaver. ("Our Stuff Gets Real") Lucy's course load gets the best of her and when it comes time for a difficult exam, she resorts to cheating. ("Our True Lies") She gets a chance to shine, however, when Dr. Cox names her the student in charge of "hell week" but lets Drew take his rightful place. ("Our Dear Leaders") When Cole is diagnosed with skin-cancer, he finds that having a big ego and having friends don't go well together. ("Our Driving Issues") As the semester winds to an end, Lucy struggles to find the good in people when she must write a speech thanking a family for their donation of her cadaver. ("Our Thanks")


Season Nine Cast Promo
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In an attempt to refresh the series into a new generation, the main cast received a major overhaul. In the eight seasons prior, the only main cast change was Neil Flynn's upgrade to regular for Season Two. For Med School, John C. McGinley and Donald Faison remained as full time main cast members, while Zach Braff was billed as main cast for only six episodes. Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, and Sarah Chalke appeared as guest stars, but Judy Reyes declined to appear because she wished to remain a series regular. After scoring well with audiences and critics in Season Eight, Eliza Coupe was promoted to the main cast, along with newcomers Kerry Bishé, Michael Mosley, and Dave Franco.

Main Cast
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Supporting Cast
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Full list: List of Scrubs' awards and nominations

Donald Faison received his sixth nomination for an Image Award for his work in Season Nine.


Category: Season 9 Episodes
Our First Day of School
"Our First Day of School" Narrated by J.D. & LucyDecember 1, 2009
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Bill Lawrence

Our Drunk Friend
"Our Drunk Friend" Narrated by J.D. & LucyDecember 1, 2009
Directed by: Michael McDonald - Written by: Josh Bycel & Jonathan Groff

Our Role Models
"Our Role Models" Narrated by J.D. & LucyDecember 8, 2009
Directed by: Gail Mancuso - Written by: Steven Cragg & Brian Bradley

  • Dr. Cox stops believing in Drew after he abruptly leaves the ICU.
  • Lucy tries to convince Denise to let her shadow her.
  • J.D. helps Drew and Lucy solve their problems.

Our Histories
"Our Histories" Narrated by J.D. & LucyDecember 15, 2009
Directed by: Ken Whittingham - Written by: Corey Nickerson

  • J.D. and Turk refuse to believe they are getting old.
  • Ted and Gooch embark on a tour and Dr. Kelso says goodbye.
  • The med students rush to interview patients.

Our Mysteries
"Our Mysteries" Narrated by J.D. & LucyDecember 22, 2009
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Steven Cragg & Brian Bradley

  • J.D. is hurt when a student points out his needy behavior.
  • Denise tries to gain control of her relationship with Drew.
  • Lucy prepares to draw blood from a living person.

Our New Girl-Bro
"Our New Girl-Bro" Narrated by LucyJanuary 1, 2010
Directed by: Michael McDonald - Written by: Kevin Etten

  • Turk searches for a new friend at the hospital to replace J.D..
  • Lucy is inspired by Elliot and tries to mimic her accomplishments.
  • Cole works hard to avoid being last in his class.

Our White Coats
"Our White Coats" Narrated by LucyJanuary 5, 2010
Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Andy Schwartz

  • Elliot tries to give Denise a makeover.
  • Lucy soul-searches why she wants to be a doctor.
  • Drew is chosen to be a ceremony keynote speaker.

Our Couples
"Our Couples" Narrated by LucyJanuary 5, 2010
Directed by: Chris Koch - Written by: Prentice Penny

Our Stuff Gets Real
"Our Stuff Gets Real" Narrated by J.D. & LucyJanuary 12, 2010
Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Leila Strachan

Our True Lies
"Our True Lies" Narrated by LucyJanuary 19, 2010
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Lon Zimmet & Dan Rubin

  • Lucy cheats on an exam.
  • Drew tells Denise that he loves her.
  • Turk has trouble treating a patient who happens to be a lesbian.

Our Dear Leaders
"Our Dear Leaders" Narrated by LucyJanuary 26, 2010
Directed by: Peter Lauer - Written by: Corey Nickerson & Kevin Etten

  • Lucy replaces Drew as leader of his study group.
  • Turk feels threatened by an internationally renowned surgeon.
  • Denise and Drew avoid each other around the hospital.

Our Driving Issues
"Our Driving Issues" Narrated by LucyMarch 10, 2010
Directed by: Eren Celeboglu - Written by: Prentice Penny & Alessia Costantini

Our Thanks
"Our Thanks" Narrated by LucyMarch 17, 2010
Directed by: Rick Blue - Written by: Sean Russell

  • Lucy struggles to write a moving speech.
  • Denise and Drew practice living together.
  • Cole realizes he wants to be a surgeon.


Full list: List of music featured in Scrubs

The ninth season continues the tradition of incorporating poignant music to highlight the mood of each episode including songs by So So Radio, Bright Eyes, Marching Band, Marvin Gaye, and Latch Key Kid. In addition, the title song "Superman" was covered by WAZ.


Main article: The Complete Ninth and Final Season DVD

The complete ninth season and final season was released onto region 1 DVD on September 28, 2010. The two disc set includes all 13 episodes, plus the following special features:

  • Scrubbing In
  • Bloopers
  • Live from the golf cart
  • Deleted scenes/Video commentary


9x1 opening - Hulu version with Janitor in the background

An easter egg: Janitor appears in the background.

9x1 opening - Aired version

Only "Our First Day of School" featured the Janitor easter egg.

  • Filming was moved from North Hollywood Medical Center to Culver Studios where new sets were built for New Sacred Heart Hospital and Winston University. The show also switched from being shot on film to being shot on digital video, giving this season a noticeably different visual style to the preceding ones.
  • With the new cast, the show received a new title sequence, with a new version of "Superman", covered by singer-songwriter WAZ, who was featured before on Scrubs in "My Full Moon" and who is also responsible for the music in Bill Lawrence's other show Cougar Town.
    • The chest X-Ray in the title sequence is no longer backwards. Also, Bill Lawrence managed to sneak in "Med School" like he wanted.
    • A custodian/janitor can be seen in the background of the opening sequence used on Hulu but not in the opening that was used on air. ("Our First Day of School")
    • A second revision of the opening sequence premiered with "Our New Girl-Bro" which has Lucy placing the X-Ray on the board. When Zach Braff was no longer billed in the credits and a main cast member.
  • Season Nine is the only season where Judy Reyes, Aloma Wright or Johnny Kastl do not make an appearance.
  • Previously until this season, most of the episode titles begin with "My...", but this season they change to "Our..." this is because J.D. and Lucy share narration duties.

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