Season Five of Scrubs originally aired between January 2006 and May 2006 on NBC. It averaged 6.4 million viewers per episode, and received one Emmy nomination. It is available on DVD in regions 1, 2, & 4; and episodes are syndicated in most major markets.


J.D.'s, Elliot's and Turk's fifth year at Sacred Heart brings exciting events and original people. New interns arrive, one of whom becomes the love interest of Elliot, and the rival of J.D.. Emotions must be kept separate if professional relationships are to be sustained. The existence of a urologist at Sacred Heart becomes very important to J.D., as his relationships with mentors get put into perspective. Turk and Carla try to have a baby, while Dr. Cox and Jordan focus on their own family. Dr. Kelso and Janitor continue to play by their own rules, often to the dismay of their co-workers.

Now an attending physician, J.D. is proud to welcome a new group of interns to Sacred Heart, and Elliot transfers to another hospital on a fellowship grant. ("My Intern's Eyes") J.D. wants his interns to like him, so tries to form personal relationships with every one of them, despite Dr. Kelso's warning. ("My Rite of Passage") J.D. soon realizes that despite being a doctor, he hasn't accomplished much in his life so he runs a marathon. ("My Day at the Races") Because Elliot's fellowship ended early, she continues to work at a free clinic without receiving help from her friends. ("My Jiggly Ball") Turk and Carla begin to see marital problems and use Elliot as a buffer while Jack Cox gets baptized. ("My New God") When a very nice patient, Mrs. Wilk, is admitted, J.D. and Cox battle to be her doctor. ("My Missed Perception") J.D. is paged to Sacred Heart on his day off, and is constantly distracted from making his way home, in an homage to the Wizard of Oz. ("My Way Home") He soon begins a personal quest to have a patient thank him for doing his job. ("My Big Bird") J.D. is smitten by Julie Quinn on a blind date and buys a half-acre in an attempt to be more mature. ("My Half-Acre") Carla becomes increasingly more obsessed with getting pregnant, and gets a fertility test. ("Her Story II") Elliot begins sleeping with Keith, who soon becomes J.D.'s least favorite intern. ("My Buddy's Booty") His favorite intern, however, is struggling with medicine. ("My Cabbage")

As Mrs. Wilk nears death, Dr. Hedrick helps J.D. and Dr. Cox cope with death. ("My Five Stages") Dr. Cox is named the city's best doctor, but hits a wall while diagnosing a patient. ("My Own Personal Hell") J.D. gets in hot water when he offers to shave his head for a patient about to enter chemotherapy. ("My Extra Mile") Turk makes a huge discovery about Carla, and J.D. struggles to keep the secret. ("My Bright Idea") Dr. Kelso's dog Baxter dies and Carla helps him deal with the staff's requests. ("My Chopped Liver") Always wanting to make people happy, J.D. takes an obese patient's case and gets upset when he realizes he has to take him to the zoo for treatment. ("My New Suit") Janitor locks J.D. away for an entire day, and spends his time talking to a patient who can't communicate. ("His Story III") J.D. and Dr. Cox meet Jill Tracy at the grocery store, and she soon passes away at Sacred Heart. Complications from her death kill three other patients ("My Lunch") and Dr. Cox takes to drinking, blaming himself for their deaths. ("My Fallen Idol") He returns to work, and J.D. sees that things run in cycles. ("My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu") J.D. meets Kim at the bar and they hit it off and begin dating. ("My Urologist") His world is turned on its head when she reveals that he has impregnated her. ("My Transition")


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The fifth season won the George Foster Peabody award. The press release specifically noted the episode "My Way Home", directed by Zach Braff. It was also nominated for one Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.


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My Intern's Eyes
"My Intern's Eyes" January 3, 2006
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Bill Lawrence
  • J.D. has to deal with his own interns as Dr. Cox tests whether he's still willing to bend the rules despite more responsibility.
  • Turk hesitates at the thought of Carla getting pregnant.
  • Elliot starts her fellowship at a new hospital.

My Rite of Passage
"My Rite of Passage" January 3, 2006
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Janae Bakken
  • J.D. tries to build a relationship with his interns, even though Dr. Kelso advises him to treat them like crap.
  • Dr. Cox doesn't want to work around the hospital with Jordan.
  • Carla loses Elliot's trust after spreading gossip.

My Day at the Races
"My Day at the Races" January 10, 2006
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Eric Weinberg
  • J.D. feels he hasn't accomplished as much as he wanted to by his age.
  • Turk and Carla are fed up with living with J.D.
  • Dr. Cox invites J.D. to participate in a triathlon with Doug and Ted.

My Jiggly Ball
"My Jiggly Ball" January 10, 2006
Directed by: Rick Blue - Written by: Tim Hobert
  • J.D. tries to find the human side of Dr. Kelso.
  • Elliot is stuck in a free clinic, but refuses to take any help.
  • Janitor invents Jiggly Ball.

My New God
"My New God" January 17, 2006
Directed by: Victor Nelli Jr. - Written by: Aseem Batra
  • J.D. wants to come to Jack's baptism.
  • Carla gives Turk a pager so she can contact him when she is ovulating.
  • Turk realizes "angry sex" is amazing, so annoys Carla before sex.

"My Missed Perception" January 17, 2006
Directed by: Victor Nelli Jr. - Written by: Kevin Biegel
  • J.D. and Dr. Cox's argue over who is the doctor of Mrs. Wilk.
  • Turk and Elliot deal with a patient with an unknown issue causing him severe pain.
  • Carla tries to rally the staff together for the annual staff picture.

My Way Home
"My Way Home" January 24, 2006
Directed by: Zach Braff - Written by: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
  • J.D. is called into the hospital on his day off, and attempts get back home.
  • Turk needs to convince a family to donate their son's heart.
  • Carla becomes afraid she doesn't have the courage to be a parent.
  • Elliot fears she isn't smart enough to be an Endocrinology expert.

My Big Bird
"My Big Bird" January 24, 2006
Directed by: Rob Greenberg - Written by: Debra Fordham
  • Turk and J.D. are busy trying to get a thank you out of a patient.
  • Carla was busy convincing people to all put in money for joint lottery tickets.
  • Elliot accidentally kisses a married man thinking he was single.

My Half-Acre
"My Half-Acre" February 7, 2006
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Bill Callahan
  • J.D. finds the perfect girl, Julie Quinn, on a blind date - whose only downfall is her clumsiness.
  • Dr. Cox struggles to become a caring father.
  • Janitor forms an air band which clashes with Dr. Kelso.

Her Story II
"Her Story II" Narrated by Carla EspinosaFebruary 7, 2006
Directed by: Chris Koch - Written by: Mike Schwartz
  • Carla gets stressed about a combination of her age and why she isn't pregnant, so she takes a fertility test.
  • Turk helps J.D. get over his hate of Julie's habit to say "that's so funny!" instead of laughing.

My Buddy's Booty
"My Buddy's Booty" February 7, 2006
Directed by: Randall Winston - Written by: Mark Stegemann

My Cabbage
"My Cabbage" February 28, 2006
Directed by: John Inwood - Written by: Ryan Levin
  • Mrs. Wilk is ready to be discharged from Sacred Heart, and everyone at the hospital is happy for her.
  • Turk and Elliot argue over a cell phone issue.
  • J.D. comes to realize that his favorite intern, Cabbage, might not be cut out to be a doctor.

My Five Stages
"My Five Stages" March 7, 2006
Directed by: Jay Alaimo - Written by: Tad Quill
  • J.D. and Dr. Cox go through the five stages of grief with their favorite patient, Mrs. Wilk, who is declining in health.
  • Carla forces Turk to go on a string of double dates.
  • When Dr. Kelso hits Ted with his car, Ted finally gains power over Kelso with a potential lawsuit.

My Own Personal Hell
"My Own Personal Hell" March 14, 2006
Directed by: Adam Bernstein - Written by: Eren Celeboglu
  • Turk and Carla try for a baby.
  • Dr. Cox is named the city's best doctor, but has trouble treating a patient.

My Extra Mile
"My Extra Mile" March 21, 2006
Directed by: Ken Whittingham - Written by: Mark Stegemann
  • J.D. encourages his colleagues to go the extra mile with their patients and his dedication is put to the test.
  • Turk is under a lot of stress when he finds his ranking as a surgeon.

My Bright Idea
"My Bright Idea" March 28, 2006
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Janae Bakken
  • Carla's pregnancy tests continue to turn up negative, and Turk makes a huge discovery.
  • J.D. helps keep a secret under wraps until the appropriate time.
  • J.D. tricks the Janitor into eating a GPS transmitter.

My Chopped Liver
"My Chopped Liver" April 4, 2006
Directed by: Will Mackenzie - Written by: Debra Fordham
  • Carla helps a grieving Dr. Kelso by telling everybody "no".
  • Turk is faced with the dilemma of whether or not he should tell J.D. that spending time with him is keeping him from his work.
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan go on a double date with Elliot and Keith

My New Suit
"My New Suit" April 11, 2006
Directed by: Victor Nelli Jr. - Written by: Tim Hobert
  • J.D. takes an obese patient under his wing, but can't make himself reveal a harsh truth to the patient.
  • Dan Dorian visits J.D. and is interested in Elliot.
  • Dr. Kelso forces Dr. Cox to work with Ted after an insult.
  • Carla and Turk try to decide on a baby name.

His Story III
"His Story III" Narrated by JanitorApril 18, 2006
Directed by: John Inwood - Written by: Angela Nissel
  • Janitor locks J.D. in a watertower and narrates his day. He keeps a patient company.
  • Dr. Cox accuses Turk of not being black.
  • Elliot cracks down on her interns.

My Lunch
"My Lunch" April 25, 2006
Directed by: John Michel - Written by: Tad Quill
  • J.D. and Dr. Cox run into Jill Tracy at lunchtime.
  • Jill dies, and J.D. and Dr. Cox feel bad that they didn't help a person who clearly needed help.
  • Jill's organs are donated to three transplant patients, but something goes terribly wrong.

My Fallen Idol
"My Fallen Idol" May 2, 2006
Directed by: Joanna Kerns - Written by: Bill Callahan
  • Friends try to cheer up Dr. Cox after the accidental death of several patients.
  • Turk can't connect with an extremely extroverted surgeon.

My Deja vu, My Deja vu
"My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu" May 9, 2006
Directed by: Linda Mendoza - Written by: Mike Schwartz
  • Doctor Cox returns to the hospital after his drunken breakdown.
  • J.D. notices moments from the past seem to repeat themselves.
  • Carla only lets Turk do things she can do while pregnant.

My Urologist
"My Urologist" May 16, 2006
Directed by: Richard Wells - Written by: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan

My Transition
"My Transition" May 16, 2006
Directed by: Bill Lawrence - Written by: Kevin Biegel & Aseem Batra
  • J.D. worries about making his first date with Kim perfect.
  • Elliot plans Carla's baby shower.
  • J.D. and Jordan receive some very surprising news.



Scrubs, Volume 2 Soundtrack

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The fifth season of Scrubs includes songs from Jet, Keane, Men Without Hats, Toto, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Loverboy, Five for Fighting, Boston, Pearl Jam, Ben Folds, The Fray, and many more. Scrubs, Volume 2 (Soundtrack) was also released May 9th, the day "My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu" aired.


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The complete fifth season was released onto DVD in region one on May 22, 2007. The three disk set includes all 25 episodes, plus the following special features:

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