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What is Scrubs?

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Scrubs is an American sitcom that ran from 2001-2010 on NBC and ABC. It consisted of 181 episodes aired over 9 seasons. In its very basic sense, the series is a situational comedy about a batch of doctors living and working at a hospital, Sacred Heart. The series uses this idea to explore many issues including love, family, life and death. Though the series is billed as a comedy, Scrubs covers a variety of serious topics and has many emotionally and dramatically moving episodes. Scrubs breaks away from typical sitcom characteristics: it has no laugh track, it has narration, and it is shot single camera. Scrubs has won a handful of awards over the years.

Who are the characters?

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Main Characters

S2-HQ-JD J.D. Portrayed by Zach Braff
John Dorian, called "J.D." by friends, is a doctor specializing in internal medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital. We follow his journey from intern to resident and finally to attending at Sacred Heart. Although he narrates nearly every episode, the series is not solely focused on him. J.D.'s overactive imagination and tendency to daydream are responsible for many of the gags throughout Scrubs.
S2Elliot Elliot Reid Portrayed by Sarah Chalke
Elliot started at Sacred Heart on the same day as J.D. and is also a specialist in internal medicine. Overly neurotic, Elliot struggles throughout the series to fight her way through the "boys club" of medicine. She has many different relationships over the years, including J.D.. She is both hardworking and a perfectionist.
S2Turk Christopher Turk Portrayed by Donald Faison
Turk has been J.D.'s best friend since they became college roommates. He immediately finds himself attracted to Carla and tries to woo her, the two remain a couple for the remainder of the series. He started as a surgical intern at Sacred Heart the same day as J.D. and we follow him as he works to eventually become one of Sacred Heart's best attending surgeons.
S2Carla Carla Espinosa Portrayed by Judy Reyes
Carla has worked as a nurse at Sacred Heart for many years. She is strong willed, enjoys giving others advice and is not afraid to speak her mind. Carla uses this as a defense mechanism against the stress and sadness she faces in the hospital. She has rare nervous breakdowns, usually about her relationship with Turk and her family.
S2Kelso Dr. Bob Kelso Portrayed by Ken Jenkins
Dr. Kelso is the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart. His years at the hospital as well as his position have turned him into a seemingly heartless individual, although occasionally glimpses of who he actually is shine thorough. Dr. Kelso makes fiscally based decisions and does not tolerate failure.
S2Cox Dr. Perry Cox Portrayed by John C. McGinley
Dr. Cox instantly becomes J.D.'s reluctant mentor at Sacred Heart. He is bitter and verbally abusive to nearly everyone in the hospital, patients included. Dr. Cox works as the antithesis of Dr. Kelso, he fights for the good of the patients and staff regardless of the financial ramifications.
S2Janitor Janitor Portrayed by Neil Flynn
The Janitor is the custodian and handyman at Sacred Heart Hospital. Nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is a some sort of fabrication. Since J.D.'s second day, he has tormented him for getting a penny caught in the door.
Note: More main characters are added in Season Nine (see below).

Supporting Characters

Square Todd Todd Quinlan Portrayed by Robert Maschio
"The Todd" is a surgeon at Sacred Heart. He started on the same day as J.D., Elliot and Turk. Despite his jock-like disposition, he is a talented and knowledgeable surgeon.
Square Laverne Laverne Roberts Portrayed by Aloma Wright
Laverne is a sassy and straight talking nurse who has worked at Sacred Heart Hospital for many years. She is a very religious and strong willed person.
Square Ted Ted Buckland Portrayed by Sam Lloyd
Ted is Sacred Heart's attorney and not a very good one. He works closely with the hospital chief of medicine and as Dr. Kelso's personal punching bag. Ted is the leader of the hospital's a capela group.
Square Jordan Jordan Sullivan Portrayed by Christa Miller
Jordan is Dr. Cox's ex-wife. She, like Dr. Cox, can be very sharp witted and sarcastic which is used as a defense mechanism to mask her own self doubts. She is on the board of Sacred Heart hospital as a representative of her father.
Square Doug Doug Murphy Portrayed by Johnny Kastl
Doug is a doctor at Sacred Heart. He started as an intern on the same day as J.D., Elliot and Turk. He is a nervous klutz but eventually finds his true calling at Sacred Heart.

What do I need to know about...

...Season One?

J.D., Elliot, and Turk start as interns at Sacred Heart Hospital. They meet Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, Carla, and the Janitor. Because this is the first season, there is nothing else essential to know!

Essential Episodes

My First Day My Bed Banter & Beyond My Old Man My Occurrence
"My First Day" "My Bed Banter
& Beyond
"My Old Man" "My Occurrence"

...Season Two?

In Season One, Turk and Carla started dating. J.D. had his share of romantic relationships, including a brief stint with Elliot that fizzled out and having sex with Dr. Cox's ex-wife Jordan Sullivan in an examination room. At the end of the first season, Jordan exposed everybody's secrets in the cafeteria. ("My Last Day")

Essential Episodes

My Big Brother My Monster My Kingdom My Dream Job
"My Big Brother" "My Monster" "My Kingdom" "My Dream Job"

...Season Three?

In Season Two, Carla and Turk have gotten engaged, and Jordan and Perry had a son, Jack Cox. At the end of Season Two, Dr. Cox punches Dr. Kelso in the face for berating Elliot. ("My Dream Job")

Essential Episodes

My Own American Girl My Catalyst My Screw Up My Best Friend's Wedding
"My Own
American Girl
"My Catalyst" "My Screw Up" "My Best Friend's

...Season Four?

Turk and Carla are married, and Elliot who left her boyfriend for J.D., only to have him dump her, is furious.

Essential Episodes

My Office My Cake My Life in Four Cameras My Big Move
"My Office" "My Cake" "My Life in
Four Cameras
"My Big Move"

...Season Five?

J.D. and Elliot have patched their friendship only after butting heads for several months with sharing the positions as co-chief residents. J.D. has moved out of the apartment when things between Carla and Turk begin to get a little rocky. They manage to patch things up but J.D. has temporarily replaced Turk with Hooch as his new "chocolate bear". Elliot has accepted a job at another hospital.

Essential Episodes

My Way Home My Five Stages My Lunch My Urologist
"My Way Home" "My Five Stages" "My Lunch" "My Urologist"

...Season Six?

Elliot has entered Private Practice at Sacred Heart and has fallen in love with the new intern Keith Dudemeister, much to the chagrin of J.D.. J.D. accidentally impregnates Kim Briggs on their first date. Carla and Turk are pregnant with their first child.

Essential Episodes

My Best Friend's Baby's Baby And My Baby's Baby My Musical My Long Goodbye My Cold Shower
"My Best Friend's
Baby's Baby and
My Baby's Baby
"My Musical" "My Long Goodbye" "My Cold Shower"

...Season Seven?

Turk and Carla have had their baby daughter Isabella Turk. Elliot, now engaged to Keith, finds herself in a compromising situation with J.D., nearly kissing him. Dr. Cox and Jordan have had a second child, who Jordan names after J.D.. Nurse Laverne Roberts passed away after being involved in an automobile accident.

Essential Episodes

My Hard Labor My Inconvenient Truth My Number One Doctor My Dumb Luck
"My Hard Labor" "My Inconvenient
"My Number
One Doctor
"My Dumb Luck"

...Season Eight?

Dr. Kelso has quit his position as Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart but has won free muffins for life from the hospital Coffee Bucks and so is still a frequent presence at the hospital. J.D. and Kim have their baby and name him Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian but Kim decides that they shouldn't stay together if the only connection is the baby. Elliot calls off her engagement with Keith, upsetting him. The Janitor, meanwhile, begins dating Lady.

Essential Episodes

My Happy Place My New Role My Soul on Fire, Part 1 My Finale
"My Happy Place" "My New Role" "My Soul on Fire" "My Finale"

...Season Nine?

In Season Nine things changed... A LOT. Bill Lawrence has stated that Season Nine was a spin-off. The main cast changed, as did the location, major writing staff, and production locations. The series also jumped 18 months into the future, with many important character developments happening during this time lapse. New characters include:

Square Denise Denise Mahoney Portrayed by Eliza Coupe
Denise started at Sacred Heart as an intern in Season Eight. She is very sarcastic and to the point. She works at Winston U as an advisor.
Square Lucy Lucy Bennett Portrayed by Kerry Bishé
Lucy is a medical student at Winston University. She loves horses and is a bit naive, but has a big heart for both her patients and her classmates.
Square Drew Drew Suffin Portrayed by Michael Mosley
Drew is a med student at Winston U. He previously attended another university, but quit with a bang. He since has traveled the world.
Square Cole Cole Aaronson Portrayed by Dave Franco
Cole is a frat-boy stuck in medical school. He comes from a wealthy family, so his acceptance to Winston University was no surprise.

J.D. has left Sacred Heart to work at a hospital closer to Sammy and Kim. At the end of Season Eight, he and Elliot were dating, but when Season Nine begins they are married and Elliot is expecting a baby. Carla has left work to be a stay-at-home mom. Dr. Cox accepted the position of Chief of Medicine, and Turk campaigned his way into Chief of Surgery. Janitor and Lady got married.

Sacred Heart was torn down, and a New Sacred Heart Hospital was built on the campus of Winston University. Dr. Cox, Turk, Dr. Kelso, and J.D. serve as professors at the University teaching newcomers including Lucy, Drew, and Cole.

Essential Episodes

Our First Day of School Our White Coats Our Stuff Gets Real Our Thanks
"Our First Day of School" "Our White Coats" "Our Stuff Gets Real" "Our Thanks"

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