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Scrubs is an American sitcom that premiered on October 2, 2001, on NBC which aired for 9 seasons and 181 episodes until its last episode was broadcast on ABC on March 17, 2010. It was created by Bill Lawrence and was produced by Doozer and ABC Studios. Scrubs has aired in more than 30 countries around the world.


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Fresh out of medical school, new doctors John Dorian, his best friend Christopher Turk, and Elliot Reid start their internship at Sacred Heart Hospital. There, they meet the harsh Chief of Medicine Dr. Bob Kelso, J.D.'s reluctant mentor Dr. Perry Cox, nurse Carla Espinosa, and the deceitful and prankish Janitor. Also at the hospital are the wide range of personalities of Sacred Heart's staff, including the religious nurse Laverne Roberts, incompetent lawyer Ted Buckland, and spiteful board member Jordan Sullivan, Dr. Cox's ex-wife. Other interns make the cut, such as the high-fiving Todd Quinlan and nervous Doug Murphy. The new interns struggle to find confidence, love, and friendship through their first year, but by the end they seem to have found their footing. (Season One)

Sacred Heart Hospital

They grow in their confidence in the second season, and relationships blossom. Turk and Carla get engaged, while Dr. Cox and Jordan have their first child, Jack Cox. (Season Two) Elliot, tired of people walking over her, decides to get a make over and she finally gets some respect around the hospital, but J.D. breaks her heart by the end of their third year, just before Turk and Carla tie the knot. (Season Three) Elliot and J.D. are still at odds, and things don't get easier when they have to both hold the title of "Co-Chief Residents". Meanwhile, a new doctor Molly Clock temporarily works at Sacred Heart. J.D. wants to date her but she becomes Elliot's best friend. J.D. moves out of his apartment when he feels he is making things rocky between Turk and Carla, and Elliot finds a new job. (Season Four)

The cast in Season Four

Elliot secretly returns to Sacred Heart after her new job didn't pan out, and she soon meets a new intern Keith Dudemeister whom she starts a serious relationship with. J.D. also meets and impregnates Kim Briggs, a urologist. (Season Five) Turk and Carla have their first child Isabella Turk, and Dr. Cox and Jordan have their second, Jennifer Dylan Cox, on the same night that Laverne is killed in a car accident. The staff rallies around a war veteran who seems to have lost hope, and J.D. finds out that Kim lied to him about miscarrying the baby, and that she is still pregnant. Keith, meanwhile proposes to Elliot. (Season Six) Kim has her baby, Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian, and she dumps J.D. on the same day. Elliot then breaks off her engagement with Keith, and J.D. and her soon find themselves questioning if their friendship should be more. Dr. Kelso decides to retire from Sacred Heart, leaving a vacant spot as Chief of Medicine. (Season Seven) Dr. Taylor Maddox fills the seat of Chief of Medicine, but after the staff force her out, Dr. Cox is given the title. Several new interns start working at Sacred Heart, including Denise Mahoney. J.D. and Elliot decide to start dating again, and they realize their relationship will actually work this time because they know what to look out for. Just as Turk is given the job of Chief of Surgery, J.D. finds another job closer to Sammy, and leaves Sacred Heart for good. (Season Eight)

Eighteen months later, Sacred Heart has been torn down and rebuilt on the Winston University campus. J.D. and Elliot are married, and expecting their first child. Dr. Cox, Turk, Dr. Kelso, and J.D. all serve as professors at the medical school, while Dr. Denise Mahoney serves as a student advisor to the new med students, including the arrogant Cole Aaronson, dark Drew Suffin, and the hopeful Lucy Bennett, who takes over as the show's narrator. (Season Nine)

Main characters

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Dr. John "J.D." Dorian started as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital and worked his way up the ranks to become an internist Doctor of Internal Medicine. J.D. has a child, Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian, and is married to Elliot Reid who he has another daughter with. J.D. left Sacred Heart at the end of his eighth year so he could live closer to Sammy and his mother Kim Briggs and be a responsible father figure. He recently decided to be a visiting professor at Winston University.

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Dr. Christopher Turk is the Chief of Surgery at New Sacred Heart Hospital who is living with Type 2 Diabetes. Turk was J.D.'s room-mate at college and for their first years at Sacred Heart, but currently lives with his wife Carla Espinosa and his children. After Sacred Heart was torn down and rebuilt near Winston University, Turk began teaching classes to the young medical students.

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Dr. Elliot Reid is an endocrinology expert working in a private practice out of New Sacred Heart Hospital. After growing up in a privileged life, Elliot has fought her way though the criticism of her co-workers and family but has ended up with a successful career. Elliot can be a little neurotic at times. She has had an on and off relationship with J.D. since they met. In season eight, she and J.D. decide to talk about their friendship, and with the persuasion from Dr. Kelso, they decide to date again and not care what people think. She later married J.D. and have a daughter together. Elliot also has a (self proclaimed) slammin' tushie.

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Carla Espinosa was a nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital and is now a full time mother. If Carla has something on her mind she will speak it. She is strong willed, but also has a soft side. She married Chris Turk in her eleventh year in medicine, just three years after she met him. Although Carla and Turk are married, she does not share his last name with him because she wants to preserve her cultural heritage. The two are happily married with two children.

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Dr. Perry Cox is the Chief of Medicine at New Sacred Heart Hospital. He was the sarcastic, bitter mentor of J.D.. Dr. Cox routinely ranted at and belittled J.D., but was there to lend a hand when he needed it most. He takes his job extremely seriously, but rarely cares what his patients - or co-workers - think. Dr. Cox has two children by his ex-wife Jordan Sullivan (with whom he is in a relationship) - a son, Jack, and a daughter, Jennifer Dylan. "Professor Doctor Cox" is currently teaching classes at Winston University.

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Dr. Robert Kelso was the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital until he willingly retired. He has an avid love for muffins, which he won a lifetime supply of from the Coffee Bucks outside of the hospital. He was married to Enid, whom he couldn't stand but who has sadly passed away. Dr. Kelso decided to spend his retirement working as a locum tenen. After finding life on the road less-than-exciting, Dr. Kelso began teaching at Winston University to keep his flirtatious shenanigans rolling.

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The Janitor of Sacred Heart Hospital is an unknown, shadowy character who rarely tells the truth about his past or present. He would constantly torture J.D. and liked to give J.D. hope sometimes that they will be able to develop a friendship. He would often pull pranks on the staff (especially J.D.) of the hospital and is harshly truthful to patients. He also enjoys taxidermy and was shown talking to his collection of dead squirrels. Janitor has many peculiarities, but has found true love in his wife Lady. He vanished from Sacred Heart after J.D.'s last day.

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Dr. Denise Mahoney spent her first year at Sacred Heart as an intern during J.D.'s eighth year. She was cold toward patients initially, but persistence from J.D., Elliot, and other hospital staff taught her how to deal with people. Now a resident she currently works as the student advisor and teaching assistant for the medical students at Winston University.

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Lucy Bennett is a freshman medical student at Winston University. She is the first in her family of Maryland fisherman to attend college, and feels the need to prove herself to them and to the world. She is upbeat and inspired to make the world a better place.

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Cole Aaronson is a freshman medical student at Winston University. He is cocky, showy, and little bit of a jerk. He works his game on the ladies constantly, sometimes using his mother as a wingman. His parents donated a large amount of money to build the New Sacred Heart Hospital, but he believes he was admitted to Winston U based on his own achievements. He has his goals set on becoming a surgeon.

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Drew Suffin is giving medical school a second chance at Winston U. After dropping out ten years prior because of self-destructive reasons, he's back to tackle it again, with the hopes of avoiding the initial failures. He was on top ten years ago, but the past decade may have put a strain on his talents.


Category: Seasons

Season One

Season One of Scrubs premiered in Fall 2001 on NBC. The sitcom's first season introduced John "J.D." Dorian, his best friend Christopher Turk, and Elliot Reid as new interns to Sacred Heart Hospital. They struggled to find a footing and with the trails of initiations of working at a hospital. Turk met Carla Espinosa and they began dating. J.D. met his reluctant mentor Dr. Cox and the man who would do anything to make his life more inconvenient - Janitor. All the while, everybody had to work under the seemingly mean Dr. Kelso.

Season Two

Season Two continued to bring lessons to J.D., Elliot, and Turk at Sacred Heart. The trio transitioned from interns to residents but didn't prepare for the extra responsibility. Janitor continued to pester J.D., but also took opportunities to hassle other people as well. Dr. Cox has his first child with his ex-wife Jordan, while Turk's and Carla's relationship flourished.

Season Three

Season Three explores Elliot's new outlook on life as she continues to conquer stereotypes by staying as a doctor of internal medicine. She gets a radical makeover, and J.D. and her test a possible relationship again, only for it to end in humility. Carla and Turk get married after a three year courtship, even to this dislike of Dr. Cox.

Season Four

Season Four is the longest season of Scrubs, and it brings about many hysterical stories such as Dr. Cox having to accept Elliot as a real colleague, J.D. and Carla sharing a drunken kiss, and a lock-down procedure at Sacred Heart. The staff also faces heartbreak as J.D. copes with his father's death, and Elliot's reaction to J.D.'s break-up.

Season Five

Season Five brings Kim Briggs to Sacred Heart, which leads J.D. to believe that he may have actually found a serious standing relationship. It also introduces Keith Dudemeister to Elliot, who thinks she has found her true prince charming. Meanwhile, Turk and Carla plan on having a baby, and Dr. Cox suffers a terrible day at work and contemplates quitting his career.

Season Six

Season Six is a transitional year for all employees at Sacred Heart. Turk and Carla have their baby Isabella, and Dr. Cox and Jordan have a second child, Jennifer Dylan. Elliot and Keith grow in their love which leads to an engagement, but J.D. and Kim fall apart, and Laverne Roberts dies after a car accident. Dr. Kelso battles with his weight, as Janitor still shows his power over people around the hospital.

Season Seven

Season Seven is the shortest season of Scrubs. Cut short due to the writer's strike of 2007-2008, the season features the end of Elliot's and Keith's engagement and her experimentation with J.D. again, while Kim gives birth to J.D.'s baby, Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian. Janitor begins dating, but hides facts of his personality from Lady. Dr. Kelso is forced to retire, but when offered a time extension, he quits voluntarily.

Season Eight

Season Eight is the final season of Scrubs "as we know it" (according to Bill Lawrence), and the first to air on ABC. As Dr. Kelso gets used to retired life by relaxing at Coffee Bucks, J.D. has his hands full with a bunch of interns which make him question remaining at the teaching hospital. Elliot and J.D. give their relationship another chance, this time with a road map of their previous downfalls. J.D. leaves the hospital at the end of the year so he can live closer to his son.

Season Nine

Season Nine is the final season of Scrubs, and the second to air on ABC. Producers decided to shake up the series by transporting it to a medical school campus and a newly built hospital and focusing on a new crop of characters. The main cast only retained Donald Faison and John C. McGinley and added Eliza Coupe with newcomers Kerry Bishé, Michael Mosley, and Dave Franco. Zach Braff decided to appear in six of the new episodes to transition from the "My"-centric episodes of the past eight years to a new "Our"-centric approach.


Category: Production

Scrubs was created by Bill Lawrence who served as show-runner, writer, director, and executive producer for the series. Lawrence previously wrote for Spin City. Scrubs was produced by Lawrence's Doozer production company and ABC Studios. The first seven seasons of the sitcom aired on NBC and the final two on ABC. The series was filmed at the North Hollywood Medical Center as the location of Sacred Heart Hospital for the the first eight seasons and The Culver Studios for Season Nine.

Since the series ended in 2010, there have been rumors and suggestions of a reunion season or movie, but nothing official.


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Scrubs was nominated for several awards, including The ALMA Awards, Casting Society of America Awards, Emmy Awards, The Humanitas Prize, Teen Choice Awards, and Television Critics Association Awards. Some of the wins include Emmys, BET Comedy Awards, and The Humanitas Prize.