Sasha is J.D.'s blue scooter. She is a TNG Venice. Episodes often begin with J.D. riding Sasha to Sacred Heart. She is often rigged in some way, as a part of the Janitor's many pranks.

People who have ridden Sasha


5x7 JD on scooter

J.D. riding Sasha. ("My Way Home")

  • Turk originally bought three scooters for himself, J.D., and Carla.; Sasha is blue (because J.D. is medical), Turk's scooter was green (because he is a surgeon) and Carla's scooter was pink (because she was a nurse). The scooters were designed to match their scrubs. Whereas Turk's and Carla's scooters were never seen again outside of their debut episode, J.D. would continue to use Sasha for most of the show's run.
  • Sasha was shot at by police officers following a robbery (which neither Sasha nor J.D. were involved in) where the criminal hid behind the scooter instead of a brick wall. ("My Big Bird")
    • In the episode "My Way Home", Sasha was lost in a cavern system underneath the hospital when JD tried to ride through what he thought was a puddle.
  • Sasha has burst into flames after jumping through the ring of fire in the mall parking lot. ("My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu")
  • In the episode "My Princess", Sasha is the name of J.D's Donkey.
  • Turk also revealed that J.D. wore a bracelet that said "Sasha Forever" on it. J.D. denies this, but then is revealed to be lying when the magnet from the MRI machine attracts the bracelet, slamming J.D.'s arm against the machine.
  • Sasha was not used again by J.D. after Dan Dorian bought him a new car, and is implied to have been destroyed by the Janitor at some point between Season Seven and Season Eight.
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