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You know, your mother had a beautiful bosom.Sam  ("My Old Man")

Sam Dorian was J.D. and Dan Dorian's father, and grandfather to J.D.'s son Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian.


Sam Dorian was a traveling office supply salesman. He was a fun loving guy who loved his two sons, J.D. and Dan Dorian. Ever since his divorce from his wife Barbara, Sam has had financial difficulties, and trouble keeping a steady job. ("My Old Man")

Because Sam was always strapped for money, he gave a young J.D. individual pieces of a bicycle every year for his birthday. ("My Lucky Day")

Sam passed away during J.D.'s fourth year at Sacred Heart Hospital. ("My Cake") Sam is remembered in his home town by people that he was generous to. He would give his family's leftovers to a homeless man, Mr. Longbeard Stinkypants. The man remembered him after Sam died. ("My Last Words")


Barbara Dorian

Sam Dorian is divorced from Barbara Dorian.

His sons

His sons, J.D. and Dan loved him as a father, but J.D. felt as if his father was a free loader, before he realized his father was going through some rough times. ("My Bad") When he passes away, Dan and J.D. took it pretty hard, but realized that they truly loved him. ("My Cake") Also, J.D. named his first child Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian, after his father, (who, according to Dan, looks just like Sam).

Personality Profile


  • Beer
  • Bosoms
  • Potato chips
  • Rowdy
  • TV


  • When J.D. narrates to himself, Sam says "You're still talking to yourself? I thought you'd out grow that by now." This could be considered to be a meta reference. ("My Old Man")
  • When John Ritter died in real life, the episode "My Cake" was written in memory of him, where his character Sam Dorian also died.
  • Sam Dorian's gravestone was going to be shaped like a giant pencil, which Dan referred to as a "giant marble penis". The Dorian brothers agreed that their dad would like that just as much, if not even more. ("My Cake")


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