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Sacred Heart Hospital was a private teaching hospital in San DiFrangeles, California. It offered emergency services, clinical help, and other medical processes. It had a large staff of surgical and medical doctors, and offered a great educational setting for medical students and interns. It was demolished between 2009 and 2011 and was replaced with the New Sacred Heart Hospital.


Sacred Heart's main entry.

Sacred Heart was a private hospital, as most hospitals in America are, which means budgetary problems often arose. It aimed to offer the best care possible to the people who needed it, but people were commonly unable to pay for the bills or were uninsured, so the help they needed was not always the help they got. The hospital had some state-of-the-art facilities, but some areas of the building were in disrepair. The running of the hospital was influenced by the chief of medicine and by a Board of Directors. Dr. Kelso, the former chief of medicine, has retired. Dr. Cox has since taken over and in his charge the hospital was demolished and a New Sacred Heart Hospital was built.

Sacred Heart's Emergency entry.

The Staff

The staff of Sacred Heart Hospital were dedicated to the patients, and always tried their best. Sometimes they worked so hard their job took over their lives. There was a strict hierarchy of power at Sacred Heart, but decisions were often challenged. The hospital employed some very experienced doctors down to interns, all who had the opportunity to learn from each other. The staff wore color coded scrubs. Medical doctors wore blue, surgeons wore green, nurses usually wore pink, red, purple or floral, and orderlies wore maroon colored scrubs.

Medical doctors


Dr. Kelso


Dr. Cox


Dr. Dorian


Dr. Reid


Dr. Dudemeister


Dr. Mahoney

2001 Chief of Medicine Sr. Attending Physician Intern Intern
2002 Resident Resident
Residency Director
(Co-)Chief Resident (Co-)Chief Resident
2005 Attending Physician
Staff Internist
Attending Physician
Entered private practice
2006 Intern
2008 Intern
Chief of Medicine

Left Sacred Heart

Surgical doctors

Phillip Wen.jpg
Dr. Wen
Walter Mickhead.jpg
Dr. Mickhead
Seymour Beardfacé.jpg
Dr. Beardfacé
Dr. Turk
Dr. Quinlan
Dr. Hooch
2001 Chief of Surgery Attending Surgeon Attending Surgeon Intern Intern
2002 Resident Resident
2004 Surgeon
2005 Attending Surgeon Attending Surgeon
2007 Fired

Chief of Surgery

Other staff

Significant nursing staff

Carla Espinosa RN

Head Nurse

Laverne Roberts RN
Deceased in 2006
Shirley RN
Paul Flowers.jpg
Paul Flowers RN

Significant miscellaneous workers

Dr. Doug Murphy
Ted Buckland
Jordan Sullivan
Attending Pathologist Lawyer Former Custodian Former Board member

Chiefs of Medicine

Dave Benson.jpg
Dr. David Benson
Dr. Robert Kelso
Taylor Maddox 2.jpg
Dr. Taylor Maddox
Dr. Perry Cox
Retired Retired Former - Fired Current


1x12Offering TurkAdvice.jpg

Break room

The break room is where doctors took their breaks and relaxed. It had a TV, resulting in Dr. Cox and Laverne Roberts watching soap operas. There was a Pac-Man machine and vending machines for the staff to use. The couches were used to lounge on, while there was a table where research and studying occurred. Patients and family members had been inside the break room, but it was intended for the medical, nursing, and surgical staff.



The cafeteria inside Sacred Heart was always a sure spot to find something to eat. Like high school, sitting at the right table with the right people could add or take away from your credibility. It was hard for someone to eat alone without being bothered. The food seemed to be tasty, as complaints were rarely heard.



Like with most hospitals Sacred Heart has a small chapel with an on staff chaplain, where religious services can be held or patients or friends and family can come to pray. Turk and Carla nearly got married here on a whim.


Coffee Bucks

Main article: Coffee Bucks

Dr. Kelso had the idea to open up a coffee shop in the hospital to bring in some extra revenue for Sacred Heart. It was a hot spot to think or socialize. The Brain Trust sometimes met in Coffee Bucks, but it was not exactly private. Dr. Kelso once won muffins for life from Coffee Bucks.



The elevators not only carried people from floor to floor, but they also provided a quick private place to argue, kiss, or both. Some doctors and nurses were skilled enough to time the elevators so they closed at the perfect moment to end a conversation. The elevators were large enough to hold many people.


Main Entry

When patients or staff did not enter from the parking lot they used immediately came past the automatic glass doors into the main entry. There were a gift shop, a nurses desk, and a waiting area nearby to facilitate to the needs of the patients and visitors.

5x7 Turk in nursery.png

Maternity Ward

There was a small maternity ward at Sacred Heart, it was always understaffed. Kim Briggs gave birth to Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian here, and Izzy, Jack, and Jennifer Dylan were also born here.


Nurses' stations

There were many nurses stations throughout Sacred Heart. If information was needed to be found, it could be found at a nurses' station. Because each patient required a clipboard, the doctors stopped by frequently to pick up or drop off clipboards or files, or to ask a nurse to do a procedure. All the stations had counters and computers, so if the internet or a surface to do some figuring was needed, it was done at a nurses' station.

My Tuscaloosa Heart.jpg


Not everybody had an office, but the chief of medicine, Ted, and other people whose jobs required desks had offices. These offices were sometimes used (without permission) for other purposes such as group meetings. Ted's old office was located on the 2nd floor.


On-call room

When doctors were working night shifts on-call, they used the on-call room. The room offered several bunk-beds for taking quick naps, but due to the fast pace of Sacred Heart, even at night, sleep was often hard to achieve. Because it was a secluded area, many people have had intercourse in the on-call room, or at least attempted.


Operating rooms

If patients required surgery, they were taken to one of Sacred Heart's many operating rooms. There was a washroom and observation room of all of the operating rooms, where risky operations could be observed. Face masks were used in the operation rooms to keep them sterile and clean. Depending on the severity of the surgery, some surgeons would play music.

5x7 JD walks home.jpg

Parking lot

The staff of Sacred Heart mostly drove to work, and required a parking lot in which to park their vehicles. There was a parking lot behind the building which offered access to the main entrance and the emergency entrance. The parking lot also had a bench and a basketball hoop for recreational use. The parking lot had access to the rear entrance.


Patients' rooms

There were many patients' rooms in Sacred Heart, some were single and some more. Depending on the length of time and wallet size, a patient could have a private room or stay in the open ICU area by the main nurses' station. Some rooms offered private restrooms and televisions. Some rooms could be quarantined if need be.

3x13 Cox on toilet.jpg

The Roof

The roof of Sacred Heart was a great place for members of the staff to meditate or contemplate a tough decision. It offered a decent view, and also was a great place to throw things off of. It was a great meeting place if you were looking for some place private, and could also be a romantic place to share a kiss. At one point in time there was a toilet on the roof.



The Intensive Care Unit was the most common place to find senior doctors and interns conducting rounds. It consisted of a large open floor with several patients on beds, separated by curtains. The main nurses' station was located in the maternity ward.

Other places

Sacred Heart also included a pharmacy, a private clinic, supply closets, meeting rooms, a morgue, a giftshop, a waiting room, and other important places you'd expect to find in a hospital.


  • There may be an underground canal system underneath the hospital, which is home to at least one manatee, whom Janitor has christened Julian. ("My Way Home")
  • The air vent in Room 403 has a yeast infection ("My Jiggly Ball")

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