Dr. Russell Vaughn is an extremely popular surgeon who occasionally works out of New Sacred Heart Hospital.


Russell has travelled the world and seem some amazing things and met some amazing people. He has published a book, and his fame brings a lot of money to Sacred Heart when he visits. He always uses his experiences to try and teach people lessons. When he came to Sacred Heart, he took Chief of Surgery Turk's parking spot. He laughed that accomplishments mean so much in our culture (his alleged disdain for American status-oriented culture did not prevent him from driving an oversized vehicle with custom plates, or from parking in a place expressly reserved for someone else). Turk and Russell then competed over a patient, but Turk couldn't keep up. The patient chose Russell and Turk, with some advice from Denise decided to put up with Russell's annoying stories about Bono and make sure the surgery went alright. ("Our Dear Leaders")

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