Ron Laver is Dr. Cox's best friend from high school.


Ron is Dr. Perry Cox's best friend from high school. He and Dr. Cox are very competitive with each other. Ron is divorced and has (at least partial) custody of his son, Nathan Laver. He runs mergers and acquisitions for a large private equity hedge fund.


Dr. Cox and Ron have been friends since high school. Nathan is Ron's only child and is approximately Jack's age.

Personality Profile


  • Competing against Dr. Cox


  • Dr. Cox cannot remember what Ron does for a living. He thinks he cuts hedges on a big farm, privately acquires hedgehogs, or something like that.
  • Ron was prom king in his high school.
  • Dr. Cox had a crush on Ron's mom in high school.
  • Ron is apparently wealthy enough to rent a helicopter when he needs to.
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