Rodger Dorsy is a goldfish.


After Janitor was caught off guard and asked by J.D. to hold his new goldfish, Janitor stood around waiting to yell an insult at J.D.. Because he waited for so long, he imagined the goldfish was talking to him. Although the fish's voice sounded oddly familiar to Janitor (a fact that he himself noted) he believed he was really being spoken to when the fish sang to him. When Dr. Kelso yelled at Janitor for just standing around, Janitor stated that he was waiting with Rodger Dorsey. Then, Kelso replied incredulously "Roger Dorsey was my Squad Leader in Vietnam. He died in my arms." Overhearing this, the fish says "Tell Bob I love him" and it appears that only The Janitor could hear this. Later, The Janitor's hand cramped so he set the bowl on the ground, but J.D. opens the patient room door, sending the fishbowl flying across the hall and it smashes to pieces. The goldfish's current whereabouts is unknown. ("My Fishbowl")

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