Ricky was J.D.'s and Turk's friend in college.


Ricky was once a friend of J.D. and Turk's. He met them on the first day of college and they immediately clicked and formed a group, using the names "Chocolate Bear", "Vanilla Bear", and "Caramel Bear" (Ricky is Latino/Hispanic). On the second day of college, when attempting a prank, by placing a bag of flaming dog feces on a man's porch, Ricky took the bag to place it, but was taken into the house, and never seen again. J.D. thinks he is dead.


  • Caramel Bear


  • Ricky's parents collected his things after his kidnapping.
  • Ricky's roommate got straight A's the year he was taken, a reference to the superstition that if a person in college dies, his roommate will get straight A's.
  • Speculated by fans to be the source of J.D and Turk's tradition of "(spilling) out some for ones' homies." They pour some of their alcohol onto the floor before they begin to drink.
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