FANDOM is a website where patients from Sacred Heart Hospital could rate their doctors. A real version of the website was created by the Scrubs producers.


When Dr. Kelso wanted to make sure the doctors at Sacred Heart were working hard to make the patients happy, he set up to track patient's satisfaction levels. J.D. was winning and didn't want his ego to get the best of him, but it did in the end. Also, this website should not be confused with a similar, but less appropriate, site discovered by "The Todd." ("My Number One Doctor")


RateYourDoc dot org


Visitors to the site could vote for their favorite character. By the time the website was shut down, the rankings were:

1. Dr. John Dorian

2. Dr. Chris Turk

3. Dr. Elliot Reid

4. Snoop Dog Attending (Ronald)

5. Dr. Perry Cox

6. Dr. Colman

7. Dr. Robert Kelso

8. Dr. Todd Quinlan

9. Dr. Keith Dudemister

10. Dr. Molly


  • was a real website created by the producers of Scrubs.
  • According to, it was a real website used for rating doctors in 2004.
  • Some Heroes fansites urged people to vote for Franklyn who is portrayed by Masi Oka, a lead actor on Heroes.
  • The website mentioned Plomox and The Janitorial.
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