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That's a real punch in the crotch.Randall Winston  ("My Rule of Thumb")

Randall Winston is a custodian who works at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Randall Winston is a custodian who is about half the size of everyone else. He first arrived as a patient who tortured J.D. in his fantasies by punching him in the crotch. ("My Rule of Thumb")

Months later, Randall helped the Janitor dispose of garbage by hiding it on the roof. He and Janitor wrestled for the $23 they were paid, but because Janitor always loses, Randall probably won all the money. ("My Catalyst") J.D. later ran into him in Janitor's closet and congratulated him on getting a job at Sacred Heart. He then pieced together that this was the reason he was having fantasies with him again. ("My Butterfly") A few months later, Randall was elected Union President, which greatly upset Janitor. ("My Self-Examination")

Randall is a member of the Janitor's a cappella band Hibbleton and one of the original Brain Trust members. Despite Randall's size, he has exceptional strength.


  • He was once attacked by an eagle but luckily was rescued by the Janitor.
  • He often wrestles with the Janitor on the roof. Despite his apparent disadvantage, he wins most of the time. The Janitor once proclaimed his handshake was like a "mechanical vice". ("My Self-Examination")
  • Randall appears in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart where he says "Way to leave a cheery gig bro." before assuming a fighting stance as if about to punch J.D. in the nuts. ("My Finale")
  • He is named after a producer of the show, Randall Keenan Winston. The founder of Winston University, Reverend Randall Winston was also named after him, and it can be assumed that The Worthless Peons member Randall was named after him as well.

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