Ralphie was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


When Ralphie was first at Sacred Heart Hospital, he tried to eat a rubber glove. Turk commented that it was strange that he chose the glove when he had pudding and tater tots as options. Ralphie saw the ring which Turk was going to propose to Carla with and he ate it. Turk fed Ralphie six bran muffins to help his digestive system, but he ultimately had to ask Ralphie's father to collect the "dookie" in a bag. He eventually got the ring back. ("My Philosophy")

Later, Ralphie was re-admitted to Sacred Heart. He confessed to Carla that he has eaten her ring. She was appaled and Turk demanded that Ralphie give him the $10 back that he used as hush money. J.D. later pays him $20 to puke in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floor hallways of the hospital, as well as the elevator, which ends up on Kelso.("My T.C.W.")

Personality Profile


Eating things


Ralphie can vomit on cue, an ability that J.D. pays him to do to torment Janitor.

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