Plomox is a drug that exists within the Scrubs universe.


Plomox is an anti-arrhythmia drug, it was stated in "My First Step" that it is "one of the best anti-arrhythmia drugs on the market".

Plomox was stated to have side effects these were determined by Julie Keaton as the following:

  • Nausea
  • Impotence
  • Anal Leakage

In the episode "My Waste of Time" it is stated by Carla that the drug, when administered to diabetic patients, could cause hypertension and possibly lead to death. Furthermore, the company that produced Plomox was undergoing a lawsuit. A consequence of this is that all diabetic patients who were prescribed the drug were to be given compensation. This is a main plot point to My Waste of Time as Elliot decides to try and track down one of her patients.


  • In Season 7, Episode 2, "My Hard Labor", Dr. Kelso is seen drinking scotch out of a Plomox cup.
  • In Season 4, Episode 12, "My Best Moment", in Dr. Kelso's fantasy about his best moment in medicine there is a Plomox banner, the woman on Kelso's left is wearing a Plomox bra, and Dr. Kelso is wearing a Plomox t-shirt under button up shirt. When the fantasy ends, Dr. Kelso is drinking out of a Plomox mug.
  • In Season 2, Episode 9, "My Lucky Day", Ted keeps his pens in a Plomox cup on his desk.
  • In Season 8, Episode 10, "My Comedy Show", an intern who does an impression of Dr. Kelso carries a Plomox mug.
  • In Season 6, Episode 20, "My Conventional Wisdom", a Plomox booth can be seen at the medical convention.
  • In Season 2, Episode 8, "My Fruit Cups", J.D. is seen drinking coffee in a Plomox cup.
  • In Season 3, Episode 3, "My White Whale", Elliot's boyfriend Sean is seen drinking coffee in a Plomox cup.
  • In Season 7, Episode 10, "My Waste of Time," Carla asks Dr. Cox to sign a letter from the company that makes Plomox to potential patients due to side effects.

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My First Step

Dr. Kelso wears Plomox swag. ("My First Step")

Scrubs 'Plomox'

Scrubs 'Plomox'

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