Dr. Phillip Wen was an attending surgeon and the Chief of Surgery of Sacred Heart until he left for family reasons.


Dr. Wen is a highly skilled surgeon who trained surgical interns. He had been the attending surgeon for 3 years by the time J.D. and Turk started at Sacred Heart. He has a no-nonsense approach with his interns and doesn't approve of goofing off or large egos, though he does enjoy playing Erasure songs during surgery ("My Best Friend's Mistake") and having wheelchair races with Dr. Cox ("My Way or the Highway"). He tells his interns everything straight, and doesn't sugar coat anything.


Dr. Wen is known to be married. He was in a car accident in which his wife's legs were both broken. ("My Friend the Doctor")

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  • Erasure


  • In "My Catalyst" his nametag revealed himself to be Phillip Wen.
  • In Season 1 it is stated that he had been the attending surgeon for 3 years, however in Season 2 episode "My Big Brother" he says he had been performing surgeries for 15 years. Either it took him 12 years to become an attending (instead of standard 4 years) or he worked at a different hospital before he worked at Sacred Heart.
  • Dr. Wen appeared in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart. ("My Finale")
  • Named after TV screenwriter Philip Wen, who wrote for the creator of Scrubs Bill Lawrence's '90s sitcom Spin City.

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