I go by Pete, never call me Petey and we'll be friends for life.

Dr. Peter "Pete" Fisher is a private practice doctor who did his residency at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Dr. Fisher is a private practice doctor. He interned and was a resident at Sacred Heart and Dr. Cox was his mentor. Dr. Cox confided in Pete, and Pete used his secrets to sleep with Jordan, thus causing her and Perry to get divorced. ("My Own Private Practice Guy")

He returned to Sacred Heart to treat a patient, and J.D. took to him since he was funny and nice. Dr. Cox warned J.D. that Peter was a bad person and J.D. first thought that it was jealousy. When J.D. learned that Dr. Fisher wronged Perry, J.D. chose Dr. Cox's side. ("My Own Private Practice Guy")


Personality Profile


  • Being called 'Pete'
  • Flirting with his patients


  • The nickname 'Petey'


  • Pete
  • Petey (which he despises; used in the same manner in which Cox calls other staff members by condescending nicknames) (Dr. Cox)


He Hosts a masterclass on: The Biomechanics of Doctor Perry Cox when he's not being listened to.

  • Stage One - Jaw Clench
  • Stage Two - Syllable Eee-longation
  • Stage Three - Begrudging offering of respect but distancing of himself by overusage of the word 'there'

Sleeping with Jordan led to her divorce from Dr. Cox. It may or may not have led to Cox's disdain for private practice doctors in general.

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