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She's embarrassed because she's dating a nurse and I can't see why.Paul

Well, that's because you're doing a woman's job, son.Dr. Kelso

Paul Flowers is a "murse" (Male Nurse) at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Paul is a somewhat feminine and controlling nurse. He often tells things straight to Elliot, which is quite hard. That makes her act slightly crazy and paranoid. But he also teaches her not to care about what other people say and just do things without thinking about what others will say about it.


At first, Elliot tried to hide their relationship, because she didn't like the idea of dating a male nurse. Eventually she realized she'd rather have a happy, open relationship than to try to preserve her reputation. After that, Laverne actually went around the hospital telling everyone. ("His Story") During their fourth date, Paul left early because he could sense that Elliot was holding something back from him. Later, she revealed that she was hiding her craziness from him, but he was turned on when she revealed several of her quirks. ("My Karma") Elliot and Paul have a brief fight when he refuses to try turkey jerky. ("My T.C.W.")

While she was alphabetizing her CDs, Elliot saying "I love U2" (as in the band) with Paul misinterpreting it to her actually saying she loved him. She freaked out and began to notice that he was very bossy, albeit polite. She took him to a local park to break up with him. He was upset that she chose to break up rather than talk about it. ("My Kingdom")

Personality Profile



  • Taking things too seriously
  • Turkey jerky, but will eat it for Elliot
  • People teasing him for being a male nurse


  • "Murse" as in male nurse
  • "Pink Scrubs"

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