You're a very strange young man, aren't you?Mrs. Wilk, to J.D.  ("My Missed Perception")

Patricia Wilk was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Patricia is kind and genial patient who suffered from a very serious disease which caused her lengthy stay at the hospital. J.D. misinterpreted her comments as a wish to die peacefully. ("My Missed Perception") While there, she befriended many of the staff, especially her physicians (J.D. and Dr. Cox) and eventually, despite insurmountable odds, she recovered to the point of being released from the hospital.

However, due to the last act of medical ineptness of Jason "Cabbage" Cabbagio, who forgot to wash his hands after handling an infected piece of medical equipment and then shook her hand just as she left for home, she contracted an infection which forced her to return to the hospital one week after leaving. ("My Cabbage") Due to her already seriously weakened immune system, the infection quickly became deadly. Despite the efforts of J.D. and Cox, her health began to fail again to the point she was declared terminal. ("My Buddy's Booty") She became depressed and scared of death and J.D. and Cox went through the five stages of grief, but they were all comforted by Dr. Lester Hedrick, a counselor for the terminally ill. Succumbing to the infection, she later lapsed into unconsciousness and died peacefully. ("My Five Stages")



  • Patricia Wilk appears in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart. ("My Finale")
  • The Janitor and Jason "Cabbage" Cabbagio are indirectly responsible for her death, The Janitor for letting his new pet bird Sanchez stay in the hospital and Cabbage for shaking her hand after picking up a medical glove and throwing it out (not knowing it had been infected).

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