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"Our White Coats" is the seventh episode of Scrubs' ninth season. Elliot tries to give Denise a makeover. Dr. Cox asks the med students why they want to be doctors, and Lucy must find the perfect answer. Drew's past life comes back to haunt him.


Dr. Cox asks Lucy why she wants to be a doctor.

Lucy's Soul Search

One day, Elliot and Lucy do yoga together in the quad and talk about how cut-throat some students are getting. Later, in class, Dr. Cox tells the first year students that the White Coat Ceremony will be taking place in the next couple of days. Before the ceremony, the professors will choose a keynote speaker, and all students must interview with Dr. Cox as he is the Chief of Medicine. Lucy meets with Dr. Cox thinking that the interview will be simple and full of fluff questions, but she cannot come up with an answer when Dr. Cox only asks her one question: "Why do you want to be a doctor?" Lucy later tries to give Dr. Cox some generic answers about helping people which he disregards. He tells her that if she doesn't come up with the real answer by the ceremony he will make it his personal mission to have her drop out of med school. Elliot tells Lucy to simply tell Dr. Cox the truth. Right before the ceremony, Lucy tells him that there are too many reasons to count why she wants to be a doctor. He accepts this and the two head to the ceremony.

9x7 Drew flashback2.jpg

Drew's Past

Cole tries to compete with Drew to be selected for the keynote speaker at the ceremony. Cole has his parents donate an MRI machine, but Drew just uses his knowledge to impress Dr. Turk. When Cole tells Drew that they are alike in their quest for the keynote position, Drew gets upset and slams him against a wall. Cole reminds him of a student that Drew refused to give his notes to days earlier. Moments later, Dr. Kelso tells Drew that he has been selected to speak and Cole storms off. Drew then declines the honor. Cole then shows Turk a video on his iPhone of Drew 10 years ago in med school. In his first White Coat Ceremony, Drew tackled the speaker and threw the white coats at the audience, going into an emotional rant, and notably ending his tirade with the phrase "You'd better recognize." It turned out that he had used several underhanded techniques to be awarded the keynote speaker but it went to someone else. Cole shared the video with the other students and they began to pick on Drew, so Dr. Cox locked Cole in a closet. In the OR, Turk revealed to Drew that learning from mistakes is one of the greatest ways to learn. Drew then gives the speech and notes that he wants to be a doctor because they give people a second chance.

Denise shows up in a sexy outfit for Drew.

Denise's Makeover

Meanwhile, Elliot gets emotional when Turk has Denise ask her for relationship advice. Elliot tells her that she needs to make sacrifices for Drew. Elliot tries to get Denise to wear dresses, but Denise continually refuses. When Drew tells her that he would never ask her to dress up if she didn't want to, she realizes that he is good for her so she wears a nice dress to his White Coat Ceremony.

In the epilogue, to cheer Drew up, Denise and Elliot show an old internet video throughout the campus of Cole trying to jump a flaming barbecue on a mini-bike, but misses the ramp, goes into a hedge and comes out crying.

Recurring Themes

Lucy's worst nightmare...

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... is that horses hate humans.

  • Lucy is upset over reading a newspaper article which says that scientists taught horses how to talk, and that the horses hate humans.


Cole messes with a "Lost" fan.

  • Cole messes with a fellow med student's head. The student is a die hard fan of Lost, and Cole says that Lost is going to be cancelled without airing the finale, which makes the student an emotional wreck.
  • Drew refuses to help a fellow student. This flashback appears twice.
  • During Drew's first run in medical school, he was a "gunner," a student who got ahead by hurting others.

Duncook & Underhill Story

  • Dr. Cox is angry at Cole for showing everyone the embarrassing video of Drew, and throws him in a closet, and asks Duncook to guard him. Since the closet has no lock, Dr. Cox tells Duncook to subdue him if he escapes.

Guest Stars

Windell Middlebrooks as Captain Duncook.


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  • "Sun Won't Shine" by Emelo


Lucy and Elliot doing Yoga in the quad.

Denise once again has a very tasteful present for Drew.

Drew finds out, what disease Joseph has.

Drew is very angry at Cole.

Besides I would never give birth under a tree. Although J.D. and I did conceive this baby under one. It was a Christmas tree, not in our house it was still on the lot. We made a bunch of Christians uncomfortable that day.Elliot

I once got felt up in a pumpkin patch.Lucy
Don't you just love the holidays?Elliot

And my pregnancy boobs for this one. Honestly if I could give up five years of my life for these bad boys I would. You know as long as I had a guarantee I'd live to like my eighties.Elliot

You should bring that up to God when he grants you your magic boobs.Denise
Oh in my head it wasn't God it was a Genie.Elliot


  • Elliot mentions that she and J.D. got pregnant under a Christmas tree while it was still in a lot.
  • Elliot became a doctor because her parents made her.
  • Denise became a doctor because she likes scabs. She has previously said that she was drawn to medicine by her fascination with the mechanics of the human body.
  • Cole wants to be a doctor because "Why the hell not?"
  • Lucy mentions that Dr. Cox roomed with Michael Bolton in College and Dr. Cox replies that it fuels most of his hate. This is a reference to John C. McGinley's character Bob Slydell in Office Space who loves Michael Bolton.