I'm a man. I have needs. Please say there will be cuddling.J.D.

"Our Stuff Gets Real" is the ninth episode of Scrubs' ninth season. J.D. and Elliot realize that having a child means their relationship has changed. Jordan wants Dr. Cox to write a will. Lucy is uncomfortable with dissecting her cadaver, Ben.


J.D. and Elliot have a relaxing Babymoon.

J.D. & Elliot

J.D. and Elliot are preparing to have their baby. J.D. builds a crib while Elliot plans her pregnancy schedule in a binder. J.D. tries to make an evening romantic between the two of them before Elliot goes into labor, but Elliot doesn't feel up to it. The next day J.D. visits New Sacred Heart Hospital to get advice from Turk and ends up hearing from Cole about a Babymoon - a honeymoon-type getaway before a baby is born. J.D. likes the idea and tries to whisk Elliot away after her shift, but she refuses because she is too busy. J.D. later talks with Perry who tells him that Elliot won't hear reason from him solely because he is her husband. Dr. Cox talks to Elliot in a patient's room and shows her that J.D. was correct - she needs to relax before the baby is born. The married couple then takes a Babymoon inside Sacred Heart with the help of Turk, Denise, Drew, and Cole.

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Jordan & Perry

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox struggles with his own mortality, as Jordan visits him at work and tells him that Danni's husband died and Danni didn't receive anything since his will was outdated. Jordan forces Perry to write his will. As he is writing his will, he starts to feel conscious about his own mortality. He confides in Denise who doesn't really help out. He later realizes, when talking to Elliot, that when you have children life speeds up and it's important to spend time with your loved ones. He then goes home, signs the will, and has a drink with Jordan, whom he asks to spend a weekend away with.

Lucy during an autopsy.

Lucy & Ben

Lucy isn't having an easy day either. In her anatomy class, Turk informs the groups that there will be a quiz the next classtime that will be worth 25% of their entire grade - dissecting a cadaver's heart. Lucy's groups' cadaver is Ben - Lucy's patient on her first day. ("Our First Day of School") She tells her group that she will be able to cut into him, even though she hasn't practiced. Even though she snuck into the lab to practice, Lucy couldn't bring herself to cut into Ben. Later, in surgery, Turk shows Lucy that what seems like hurting someone, such as cutting them open to perform surgery, is actually good for them. Later Turk gives Lucy another chance and she properly dissects Ben's heart.

Recurring Themes

J.D. slips into a fantasy.

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  • J.D.: A "baby-moon" is two babies going on a beach vacation.
  • Lucy: Ben comes to life and talks to Lucy.
    • Ben pleads with Lucy to not cut him.
    • Ben feels discomfort when Lucy cuts him.


Episode Running Gags

  • J.D. and Turk goof around with walkie talkies.
  • Drew is annoyed by the stupid things that Cole says.
  • Dr. Cox sarcastically praises the medical knowledge of the students and touts them as future doctors upon hearing these phrases.:
Don't play any jazz while you're having sex, because I read on the web that it will make your baby gay.Cole
This is Ben's heart we're talking about. It's where he stores his feelings and memories.Lucy

Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Alive and Screaming" by Jake Walden
  • "Envy Of All Our Friends" by Jeff Bruckner


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I'm really starting to enjoy that birthing class. All that grunting, and heavy breathing and..J.D.
You were the only one doing thatElliot
I was trying to get something goingJ.D.

Talking pregnancy sex, yep, nothin' like a girl with a little junk in the frontCole
What are you, some kind of pervy ninja?Dr. Cox
Aw thanks man, preesh!Cole

A babymoon is a vacation you and your loved one take, right before your baby comes out of your special area. And the resort I found is amazing. They have horseback-riding, and jet-skiing..J.D.
Oh. Is there also a punching-each-other-in-the-stomach contest? cuz that's another thing that I can't doElliot

Don't play any jazz while you're having sex, because I read on the web that it will make your baby gay.Cole

This is Ben's heart we're talking about. It's where he stores his feelings and memories.Lucy

I mean around here, you just can't let your work and personal life overlap.Dr. Cox
Yeah, that was always Ally McBeal's problem too. It's so hard being a working woman in the 90'sDenise
She'll have the baby to cuddle with.Turk

That little bastard.J.D


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