I need a mentor. Someone strong and not afraid to express emotions. Maybe a woman.Lucy

Gimmie my chips you dirty bitch!Denise, to vending machine
Or her.

"Our Role Models" is the third episode of Scrubs' ninth season. Dr. Cox stops believing in Drew after he abruptly leaves in anger after not knowing what to do with a coding patient. Lucy tries to convince Denise to let her shadow her. J.D. helps Drew and Lucy solve their problems.


Cox gives Drew a new shirt

Drew & Dr. Cox

As J.D. and Turk talk in a hall of New Sacred Heart Hospital, Perry calls them over so he can give a present to Drew - a pink shirt with #1 printed on the front. J.D. gets insanely jealous but Drew is still mad that Dr. Cox is aggressively taking an interest in him. Later, in class, Drew answers all of the difficult questions Professor Cox asks. Cole later tells Drew to watch himself because he wants to be #1 in the class. During rounds, Dr. Cox spots a coding patient. He asks Drew to handle it but Drew cripples under pressure and storms off. J.D. steps in to help. Later, at the bar, Drew approaches Dr. Cox, who ignores him and hurls a general insult at people who've wasted his time. Upset, Drew asks J.D. for help but J.D. tells him that once set in his ways, Cox is impossible to convince to change his mind. Turk overhears this and makes J.D. talk to Perry nonetheless. At the Owlcat's football game, J.D. tells Perry that it has taken him a long time to find someone he could believe in, and that he shouldn't throw it away after one mistake. Perry takes his advice and calls on Drew during his next lecture, and informs him that he has to wear the shirt the next day. J.D. smiles, but gets extremely furious when Dr. Cox pats Drew on the back.

Lucy & Denise

J.D. advises Lucy

After waking up next to Cole, Lucy attends Cox's lecture where she freezes when he asks her a question. She then meets with J.D. in his favorite tree and he informs her that she should start looking for a new mentor since he is leaving soon. Wanting to find a woman mentor, Lucy asks Denise. Denise initially refuses to let her shadow her, but when she gets a patient, Mrs. Maroney, with a similar personality to Lucy's, Denise asks Lucy to take care of her while Denise takes care of her son. Denise grows fond of the boy, but when she finds out that Mrs. Maroney is terminal, she flakes on the kid. Denise asks Lucy to talk to the kid and make sure he is alright, but before she can, Denise stepped in herself and comforted the boy, giving him her cell phone number. Denise then gave Lucy permission to shadow her.

J.D. crashes Turk's surgery

J.D. & Turk

During all this, J.D. feels left out. After witnessing Dr. Cox give Drew the shirt and Turk and Dr. Cox drinking beer at the bar together, he confesses to Turk that he doesn't want to be replaced. Turk assures him that he is the only "John Damn Dorain". J.D. tried to steal the spotlight from Drew by sitting in on Dr. Cox's class and trying to answer all of the questions, but this only upsets Perry. The next day, J.D. joins Turk and Cox at the bar for beer and sports, and gloats when Cox shuns Drew.

Recurring Themes

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9x3 Cox as gym teacher.jpg

Cox plays dodgeball


  • J.D.: Drew's mask tattoo is a spooky phantom that scares J.D. twice.
  • Lucy: Dr. Cox's class is like second grade gym. Dr. Cox is the coach and he plays dodge-ball with the students.

Episode Running Gags

  • Turk and Cox exclude J.D. for not liking sports or beer, which he claims he can pretend to like.
  • J.D. only cares about the "sportsgrass" during the football games.
  • Dr. Bradley, an older attending physician treats Turk like a mentor.

Duncook & Underhill story

Underhill and Duncook laugh when Cox insults J.D., and taunt J.D. about how they will laugh again when they watch the security camera footage or the insult. Later, they watch J.D. and Turk over the security cameras as the doctors lie on the football field enjoying the "sportsgrass". The security team leaves to go remove them.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Francine, used by Perry Cox J.D. is wearing owlcat makeup.
Oh, for the love of God, Francine!Dr. Cox

Guest Stars

Brian Bradley as Tom Bradley


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Telescope" by Bright Eyes
  • "Moonshine" by Geoff Martyn
  • "Can't Go Back Now" by The Weepies



Scrubs 9x03 Sneak Peek - Horses

Damn it! Why bring her to the learning tree if you're not going to use it in your inspiring talk?!J.D.'s narration

My point is, while I'm here I'm yours, but you also need to branch out.J.D.
Nailed it!

I don't know if I can get through med school alone.Lucy
Don't worry. Before I leaf...
You're on fire!

I'll make sure that you have a mentor you're as close to as I am to mine.
Speak of the devil!

Hey Perry, wanna hang out later?
Sure, and if we can't find any more climbing trees, we'll just head down to the ol' swimming hole and skip stones till the fireflies tell us it's supper time.Dr. Cox
I'll assume that's a diss of some sort.

Drew's mask tattoo

Mock him and I'll eat your soulDrew's tattoo

Shadow me? Sure. Oh wait, I forgot you completely annoy me. Is there anyway you could change your entire personality?Denise

Because you're John Damn Dorian.Turk

You're right. I am John Damn Dorian.J.D.
You John Damn right you are! Now gimmie a chest bump!

But don't flex, cause it'll knock the wind outta me.

Excluding #1 here, today's assignment is for everyone to drop out of medical school. Your parents money would be better stuffed into garbage bags, packed into a rocket, and shot into the sun.Dr. Cox


You know what Drew, we all wish we had superpowers, ok?J.D.

Do you know what the perfect superhero power would be?Perry
Candyhands!J.D. & Turk

Why is the college mascot an owlcat? I don't even know what an owlcat is!Turk

9x3 Maya hit by ball.jpg

I like to think its when an owl and a cat fall in love.J.D.

Were you raised by horses?Denise

I wish!Lucy's narration

I do love horses. They are God's most majestic creatures. If they could talk, they would be so very wise.Lucy

Drew saves the day

The only thing I've burnt more than shrimp boats is bridges.Drew

I'm doctor Wolverine!Cole

Still want to shadow me?Denise

More than horses love rainbows!Lucy


J.D. as an owlcat

  • This is the first Season Nine episode in which Carla is mentioned. Specific details are not given, but Turk mentions that they are still together.
  • It is extremely unlikely that the call letters to the college radio station WCQU would be licensed to a radio station in California if the station was real.
  • J.D.'s narration at the end says that the "pat on the back" from Dr. Cox would never come, even though J.D. received one in "His Story".
  • In the scene where Turk is in surgery and asks J.D. "What would John Damn Dorian do?", he says an additional "D" when turning the question-like phrase into an acronym mimicking "What Would Jesus do?". This was not an error, but rather a joke since the patient he is about to work on is still awake and incoherently shouts, "You said too many Ds."

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